Ethereum Token Trashcan 🗑 Experiment. Just How Many Scam Coins Are There? *Updated
Ethereum Token Trashcan 🗑 Experiment. Just How Many Scam Coins Are There? *Updated

The Ethereum🗑Trash Can Experiment

There are thousands of Ethereum based token out there and many of these tokens carry very little value or none at all. Some will never come to fruition and some might but more than likely never will. Most were part of scams and that's what this is about.

While some are tokens lost in missed swaps, some are tokens designed to be utilized but never meet their potential, either due to pump and dump projects or projects that never fell into play properly. The majority are for profit pump and dump scams. 

While these tokens take up space in literally millions of wallets, some in the millions adding up to only 0.01 per million or less, people still tend to hodl these worthless tokens of worthlessness.

I can't make any money from these worthless tokens, obviously, but I can see just how many of us out there are willing to clean out our wallets and get rid of these worthless pieces of junk.

The idea is simple. In less than 5 years, literally thousands of tokens have been introduced and only a handful of them have ever amounted to anything worthwhile. I want to see how many of these tokens YOU have and how many of these tokens were scams.

If you want to see what we have out there in the crypto hemisphere floating in worthlessness, held in wallets with no place to go, with ZERO use or value, then send them to this address.


Doesn't matter what they are or their purpose, as long as you no longer have any use for them and they serve no purpose, send them to me. Especially if they were part of a scam run. Those I really want the most.

Once this post has been up for 30 days, I will post the results.

Please share this post on your social feeds. This is a true experiment in acknowledging the trash in the crypto world. 

I firmly believe that one of the biggest issues in crypto are the scams people run and with zero accountability for running these scams, it will only continue.

If we can expose the vastness of this disorder and the massive scams that have been introduced, perhaps groups like the "Chamber of Crypto Commerce" might have an actual use in crypto. 

So regulations are needed.

This experiment will prove that.

Share this post and please send whatever scam shitcoins you have.


So far,

1.5 Million BCCT has been sent.

5.5 BTCCT has been sent.

3.5 BCC has been sent.

These are rather older scams but keep them coming. I have noted that one of these coins is related to a Twitter Account scam that keeps changing names and sells ICO tokens that arw completely worthless.

Will update as more come in.



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