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A Hidden Gem in DeFi & CeFi - Bitrue Exchange

Pay Attention to Bitrue's DeFi Staking Platform Now Before it's Too Late.

One hidden gem in Defi, (BTR) Bitrue is priced extremely low and offers great returns on a number of popular coins, not to mention the upgrade Bitrue is bringing to their platform.

What to Expect from the Bitrue Upgrade

Bitrue's New Financial Services, will be powered by their new token (BFT) Bitrue Finance Token.

This new token will hopefully be listed by mid-September plus Bitrue is promising a BFT airdrop that will be going out to all BTR holders on their platform.

The original Bitrue Coin (BTR) will continue to power existing exchange features, like trading fees and deductions, and cash deposits for projects.

BFT, Bitrue's new coin will be used on the platform for Bitrue's Financial Services. First as a payment and reward token for the initial start of the program, with further utilities to be unlocked as additional features are completed in development.

BTR will continue to be used and incorporated into other aspects as time goes, so don't sell BTR. Hodl it. Hard.

If you don't own BTR (You should) or want to get started using Bitrue's great Defi system, download the app and get started.
Get BFT here: BFT Bitrue Coin

There will be other opportunities for Bitrue's users to win extra amounts of BFT, so if you want in on that chance or want to get involved, get the app found on the link above or sign up for the AIRDROP here.

Cefi and Defi platform Bitrue

About the Staking System

Bitrue's BTR token is priced perfectly for a smart investor. At a price close to 0.05 USD for a utility token that provides for an upwards of 10% APR for Bitcoin is a pretty huge deal.

Not to mention all the other tokens BTR boosts. Vet. Zil. Zap. Xrp. Npxs. Hot. Link. Luna. Divi. Sdt. Eos. Ltc. Cardano. Bch. Xdc. Wan. Trx

The staking system called Power Piggy is simple to use and very user friendly.

You can freeze and unfreeze your tokens with zero wait times or need for thawing. Which is helpful because if you want to compound your intrest, you'll need to unfreeze your tokens to add returns to your pool.

With everything Bitrue is doing and their newest release BFT, you'd have to be crazy to not give this token and exchange a chance. 

After months of using the platform myself, I can easily attest to the platform's ease of use and my returns on a variety of coins. Basically, whatever I buy somewhere else, ends up staking at bitrue. 

This hidden gem won't be hidden for long.

I try my best to bring great projects and opportunities to my readers. 

As always do your own research. DYOR And consult a licenced investment broker. All information contained in this article if of a personal opinion, not a professional one. As an investor, you accept all risks and responsibility in how you invest your money, so conduct due diligence and consult a professional before investing in any crypto asset.

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