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By vict0r | smart advertising | 20 May 2020

hello people

this is my first post and I want to introduce myself: I am a guy working in marketing area and I love this and that's the reason for wanting to show you some wonderful ideas which makes us smile or think, sometimes deeper, sometimes with sadness, but always with the idea to take action for changing the state.

so, let me present you the first advertising idea: it belongs to an 3M security glass and the image should tell anything you need to understand: the glass is so strong that you can leave securely your money in the middle of the street (well, I'm not sure if they really let real money there, but the ad is very impactful)


please feel free to make comments and come with proposals. I am always open to discuss.

Enjoy and try to make our world, better!

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smart advertising
smart advertising

smart advertising ideas which creates emotions and maybe a smile

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