Major news of virtual currency in April You must watch

By Sleo821 | Sleo_777 | 7 Apr 2020

Global illness speeds up mine trading

The price drop affects three SHA-256 networks

Many mining businesses stop or make acquisitions

Use SHA-256 network is BTC.BCH.BSV



Is there a technical problem with Coinbase?

These days Coinbase appeared and said

Someone used 18 cents to buy 42,000 bitcoin transactions

Later, Coinbase employee Justin Mart replied

The problem may be caused by a bug in the user interface. Refresh the page to return to normal. The bug has been submitted to the company, and the team technology will be improved later.


But this is not the first time a trader has discovered a major price failure on Coinbase.  In January 2020, the price of Coinbase's XRP reached $ 8341


At present, Coinbase has not issued a statement about abnormal transactions

Nor confirmed whether the transaction was actually carried out



Fraud HT Huobi move brick arbitrage Smart contract address is rising again?

See my previous article for details



The future development of ETH?


Vitalik Buterin revealed at the Stanford Blockchain Conference that the main development of ETH 2.0 in 2020 is the start of Phase 0.  He said: Phase 0 is the first phase of Ethereum 2.0 release, when the PoS network will be officially launched


Ethereum 2.0

The biggest change in ETH 2.0 is the complete transition from PoW (Proof of Work) to PoS (Proof of Stake)


Three main goals:

1. Increase the throughput per second to increase the scalability of the main network (by optimizing the client so that the network can continuously increase the gas limit of the block)

2. Ensure that the full node can run for a long time (by reducing (state rent) and limiting the full node disk space requirements)

3. Optimize the developer experience through virtual machine upgrades including eWASM, and stabilize the total transaction cost by using different transaction cost models

This way ETH transaction speed will be faster




Will halving BCH and BSV cause Bitcoin to rise?


Because more connected to Bitcoin is

BCH and BSV will be halved before Bitcoin

Block rewards mined by Bitcoin Cash miners and BSV miners will be reduced by 50%

Bitcoin halved in May

Block rewards mined by miners will be reduced from the current 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC


Since BCH and BSV are halved in advance, Bitcoin will be provided with a time window of about a month, during which miners will allocate more computing power to Bitcoin, because even if the mining cost has increased now, the block reward will be  higher.


Is there any news about XRP?


In May 2018, investors initiated a class action lawsuit concerning Ripple.  The core of the lawsuit is that the XRP ICO launched by Ripple in 2013 violated the Securities Law.  According to the requirements of US federal law, companies that sell securities must register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The litigant believes that XRP involves investing money and has reasonable profit expectations, which belongs to securities


However, the view that "XRP is a security" was opposed by Tom Channick, head of corporate communications at Ripple.  Tom Channick believes that whether Ripple is a security or not will be determined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, but investors still insist that Ripple should not be classified as a security


And for how Ripple will respond to the new allegations brought by the litigant on the premise that "XRP is not a security"

News will be updated later



Link Coin's focus is high?


Japan's largest social media Line announced that it will issue digital currency "LINK" for 80 million users from April 2020, and Link will be able to trade on the Bitmax exchange


Social media has an extreme preference for cryptocurrencies


In 2018, Line launched its own cryptocurrency Link. Interestingly, Link did not conduct an ICO but used a reward system. Line also launched Link blockchain, which is used in music, video, comics and other fields. The use of cryptocurrency has been greatly expanded

Link Coin looks promising

But Link ’s prospects ca n’t be better, but it ’s no more than national policy

It's still a pity


QQQ coin suddenly soared?

What is QQQ coin, QQQ is a blog named by Taiwan

Lin Hongquan, founder of Wuming Xiaozhan (nickname: Xiaoguang)

From creation


Products using POSEIDON NETWORK are positioned as a world-wide decentralized P2P infrastructure, including: distributed CDN, Distributed Storage, Distributed Content Delivering, TEE ... etc.  POSEIDON NETWORK is the world's first CDN hybrid blockchain application platform, which is set up on IoTs (Internet of Things) around the world. It also has four business models: B2B, B2C, C2B2B, and C2B2C.

POSEIDON NETWORK In Q1 of 2019, there are already 25+ stable enterprise customers and super nodes in 30+ countries.


As for the reason for its skyrocketing, if it is a resident living in Taiwan

You will probably know the blog of Wuming Xiaozhan, because the QQQ coin created by the founder of Xiaoming Xiaozhan must have a certain reputation, which will cause a brainwashing model, and many people rely on this QQQ coin for fraud.  , Has been arrested, the scammers used QQQ coins, some other well-known names on the 5G network to scam, and some foreigners have been scammed.

If you want to invest in QQQ coins, it is safer to use the platform

Never buy coins privately


What is the popular TPT coin recently?


You know, because the (COVID-19) epidemic broke out in Europe and the United States three weeks ago, panic sentiment led to the panic buying of toilet papers all over the world; Lubini still did not forget to show his  A sense of humor, appeal to everyone: maybe someone should create a virtual currency version of toilet paper


It also claims that the so-called TP coin will be "a more useful asset than gold", and the exaggerated narrative method has also attracted a lot of attention.


Obviously, the employees of CoinMarketCap saw the post that Lumpini made a joke.

Earlier, CoinMarketCap listed this toilet paper token (TPT) under the code name "0", and issued TPT's "Wipe Paper" on the official blog to introduce TPT; CoinMarketCap data shows that currently  The market price of TPT is $ 1.64, but the transaction volume in the past 24 hours has come to $ 41.7 billion, which also helped TPT top the list with a total market value of $ 85.5 billion.


The little joke from CoinMarketCap is also more or less on the day of April Fool's Day, adding a smile to the gloomy air



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