Would You Sell Chainlink at $50?

By Skyfries | Skyfries Report | 3 Nov 2021

Do you wish you could go back in time and sell Chainlink at $50 like in May of this year?  Patience is a virtue, but what if instead of waiting until another Link bull run, you could move your link to a lower liquidity exchange and control the sell side?  Currently on LCX you can't find a Chainlink for sale under $62 and people are paying for them!  If you closed this liquidity gap you can sell your Chainlink for over $50.  Obviously this is hugely profitable, but let's sweeten the deal because when join LCX using my link you will get 50 free LCX tokens when you meet the requirements below.  I did a primer on the LCX token here, here, and here.


Chainlink whales can't copy this strategy since there is simply not enough liquidity for their massive supply, so go forth be agile and sell your Chainlink at prices people regret not selling at.

They'll simply have to stake their Link for 1.00-6.00% or some Defi voodoo with Linkpool while waiting for the next Link bull market.

**Requirements for LCX Bonus**

To receive 100 LCX Token (the “sign up bonus”) the referred customer must complete their registration, has to connect at least one exchange at LCX Terminal (I recommend connecting Kucoin) and initiate trades with a total trading volume of $500 USD or more.


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