Hypertrader VS LCX

Comparing HyperTrader and LCX Multiexchange Terminals

By Skyfries | Skyfries Report | 7 Jul 2021

I love browsing on Brave because I will occasionally get targeted ads for services which offer better rates or service than a service I am currently using.  Yesterday I received an ad for a multiexchange terminal called HyperTrader and wanted to compare it to my current multiexchange terminal LCX.  First things first let's go over price.  HyperTrader will run you $40/month or $383/year, while LCX is $290/month or $2900/year.  LCX let's you connect up to 3 exchanges through API keys before asking you to pony up for a subscription so you can do a Kucoin, Binance, Gemini combo for free.   Hypertrader offers a 21 day free trial, but since it only has 4 exchanges it connects to (Coinbase Pro/Prime, Binance International/US, ByBit, Kucoin) as opposed to the 16 LCX has it does not have a comparable free up to x number of exchanges type trial. 


HyperTrader Available Exchanges


LCX Available Exchanges

Hypertrader is trying to harpoon multiexchange terminal users as they will add months already paid to another multiexchange provider to your subscription.  I would say HyperTrader is better priced for the middling cryptocurrency investor, but the addition of Coinbase Prime seems to suggest they are going after institutional users as well.  HyperTrader is also way more customizable if you are really autistic about having Heikin Ashi candles.  LCX has the smart order feature which ensures you are getting the best price across all your connected exchanges.  One other notable feature of Hypertrader is they calculate the fees beforehand which gives a better picture real time if you are making or losing money on a pair. They both have key features like price alerts and real time trading so it really comes down to the question of whether the spread between 4 exchanges and 16 exchanges is worth your time as an arbitrage trader (you can log into them all individually for free...).  I have provided a short TLDR checklist for those short on time.


If you have any other questions regarding using Multiexchange Terminals or have found a better comparable service please comment down below.

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