LCX Mooning

LCX Token Gains 382.6% in Lead Up to New Exchange Terminal Rollout

By Skyfries | Skyfries Report | 5 Jan 2021

LCX the official token of the Swiss based exchange making waves in certain circles for it's game-changing platform has had a magnificent week.  As of this writing the token is down 17% from all time high.  Looks like some early investors are taking profits after 4x and more-x'ing their investment.  I can't say I blame them, but personally I am holding because the upside is too strong for me to consider selling at this stage.


LCX has created a multiexchange platform which will allow arbitrage between exchanges at a level not seen before.  The asking price is $290 a year which is currently 2900 LCX tokens (tokens are worth a minimum of $0.10 on the LCX exchange); this number could increase or decrease due to market forces but seems to be a fair price if it delivers on what it purports to offer.  Flipping between Kucoin, Binance, Coinbase, and Uniswap all with limit orders is going to a game changer.  Unitrade offers Uniswap limit orders, but I think the culmination of all exchanges in one regulated exchange recognized by the World Economic Forum will provide maximum upside.  I think a good medium term goal for this coin would be to surpass Kucoin KCS token's Market Cap in the 60 million range.  I will probably hold beyond this point as this SEC and FIU drama continues to unfold in the crypto space people will be seeking a regulated and advanced marketplace to conduct their trading with limit orders to not get rocked by market orders.

We are going to see an epic drama unfold, details below.  You will want to be on the winning team and that team is LCX.




Monty seen with the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein

Have I convinced you to join in on this next level of crypto trading? Or at the very least grab some LCX at a fantastic entry value? If so then you'll want to join LCX with my link which will grant you 50 free LCX tokens (current market value: $2, future market value: ???).

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