Resident Evil Revelations - Episode 1-1 - Nintendo Switch Gameplay

By skylinebuds | SkyBuds Gaming | 9 Apr 2022

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Ah, welcome to the new series, I will be playing resident evil revelations. This will be uploaded and a small recap of every episode in-game. Some episodes are 20 mins some will be 4-6 mins so be sure to watch them all or at least the recap.

23tbKBR7cmhPgVehCyE9A9VnfnjWw3LidMP96P4xfRq87mJxFhKLNgUfmpzcuro1TtSB5.jpg In episode 1 we start as jill, with a partner named parker. Jill is a well know resident evil character. This store takes place shortly after raccoon city.







This was not a hard episode with only a handful of monsters to fight, I was able to hit S Rank and 100% Accuracy.


I won't ruin the story so make sure to watch the video, You will be able to watch the game as a show with each upload. Minus some dying and talking at times.🤣

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