Helpie-Caster on VIMM Brawl Report - Brawl #3 - Gladius Case Opening

By skylinebuds | SkyBuds Gaming | 19 Apr 2022

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Another brawl down, let me tell you this time was not one of the best splinterlands brawls but not the worse.

With the brawls, I thought why not break them down and do a report on them each week. I think we get 1 every 5 days or so. These can lead to some awesome extra cards and just some extra fun within the brawl.

For anyone not familiar with a guild brawl check this out. It is a really good post and breaks down what they are and more about them.


With this brawl I was able to pick any of the frays again, I went with the top novice with all cards. I could go with just the chaos set but I like using the reward and beta cards.

Battle 1 -
Mana - 13
Element Choice - Water Vs Water
Rules - Lost Legendaries, Fog Of War



Battle 2 -

Mana - 14
Element Choice - Death VS Dragon(Death)
Rules - Equilzer, Little Leagues



battle 3

Mana - 26
Element Choice - Water VS Water
Rules - Back To The Basics, Stampede



battle 4

Mana - 44
Element Choice - Earth Vs Water
Rules - Little League, Weak Magic



Battle 5 -

Mana - 38
Element Choice - Fire VS Life
Rules - Weak Magic



Battle 6 -

Mana - 14
Element Choice - Earth Vs Earth
Rules - Explosive Weapondry, Heavy Hitter




Battle 7

Mana - 16
Element Choice - Water VS Dealth
Rules - Stampede, Revese Speed




Battle 8

Mana - 58
Element Choice - Water VS Water
Rules - Equalizer ,Spreading Fury


With the end of this brawl, I was able to finally get my first gladius case, I am happy as I was able to get my first case and an epic. 3 Death cards and I don't normally use death too much but I will enjoy these next brawl.


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