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By scythenoz | Singapore Crypto FI | 28 Sep 2020

I have recently gotten frustrated when I lost my phone and had to update my 2FA to a new device. I went through to different exchanges and there is a need for me to take a Selfie with my ID and a paper with the date on it. After doing so for a few exchanges, I decided to look for an alternative for my Google Authenticator. 

Authy 2FA

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I came across Authy and it checks all my boxes.

Multi-Devices, Desktop Support and Encrypted Cloud Backup

It supports multi-devices and syncing between them, which means that I am able to setup and get OTPs across my Android phone, my iPhone and my Macbook, whether I am trying to get my 2FA on mobile or desktop. All the tokens can be backed up to the cloud (optional) and encrypted, so you do not have to worry about anyone else having access to your account. 

Authy Multi Device

Transferring Across Devices is Easy

Trying to transfer your Google Authenticator to a new phone? You will have to go to your old phone and export Accounts and import accounts on your new phone. In Authy, the multi-devices functionality takes care of that. Lost your phone like me? No issues. You can easily revoke access to a device from your Authy account. 

More Ways to Secure Your Tokens

Authy offers multiple ways to secure your tokens including Backup passwords, Master passwords, Fingerprint, Face ID and PIN protection as opposed to your Google Authenticator. 

Get Started

Want to get started? Head over to Authy's website to download now!

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