American $500 bill

Sin Eater Resolution: Give away 1 ETH

By Average Jo | Sin Eater | 4 Jan 2021

$500 US Dollar Bill

I will give 1 ETH to the first person who can correctly identify this picture.

EDIT (01/11/2021): We have a winner!!!

Congratulations !


EDIT2: Payment confirmed on the Chain. Thank you for playing!!!

The rules:

1. You must reply to this post with your answer, for the public record.

2. Social engineering with respect is allowed. Curiosity was not the Original Sin. 

3. There is one word inparticular that needs to be in the answer. Hint: These two are one and it has a name; many names.

4. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Follow your gut. DYOR

Consider this a tithe. A thank you. A giving back. The ETH I am giving away DID cost me $500 dollars and that is something worth passing on. Be discerning who you share this with; it's not a timed contest. It ends if I die or become otherwise incapacitated. In other words, I will check every week until there's a winner. Until the end of Time.

I will check back here in one week to see if there's a winner: 01-11-2021

Good Luck and may the Source be with you.


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Average Jo
Average Jo

Gen-X closet millennial with a husband, no kids. Everything else is just noise.

Sin Eater
Sin Eater

I'm a Sin Eater. The knowledge was passed down by an Ancestor who kept her trade a secret when she moved to the new world in the early 1800's. While she "quit" her "calling" when she left the Old World, her methods of movement, hiding and fabrication to protect her from the stigma of the life she left behind stayed with her and became part of her survival toolkit. These methods have been passed to me but I've altered them, to release the Sin back to the transgressor, it's Time they owned their shit.

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