Scams Alert

Scams Alert

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 22 Jul 2020

There are more and more scam attempts in different ways, whether in crypto or FIAT.

However, scammers are increasingly turning to cryptos, as can be seen in recent years.

Last week, there was a hack on Twitter with the aim of "stealing" other people's cryptocurrencies using the scam send 1 btc and I send you 2 btc back.

Twitter hack

(Disclaimer: this is not really a theft to me, as people sent by their own free will and not because they were coerced or their hacks were hacked)

However, I'm not here to talk about the Twitter attack but rather about the scam ads that appear on YouTube (through Google Ads).

Not to mention the Google Play Store which is full of apps that promote easy earnings and when we go to see the apps they either don't pay or it takes years to reach the minimum payment.

Vitalik scam publicity

These days there have been several channels that have shown this advertising of scams that they are directly linked to, as they do not control what type of ads are displayed.

ETH scam airdrop

Yes, at the moment, scammers are already at the level where they pay to boost these scams through youtube advertising.

But how does Google / Youtube let these kinds of adverts show up?

We do not know how to answer this question, as only Google has the answer but it seems that it has not had the same criteria for all ads.

I have, at least, knowledge of 2 reliable channels related to cryptocurrencies that have tried several times to create ads to boost their channel as well as their courses, either for beginners or to learn technical analysis and never succeeded.

As a matter of fact, they even managed to create the ads but will quickly receive a call from a Google employee saying that ads related to cryptocurrencies were not allowed.

Wait, 2 honest kennels can't / can make their ads, but do scammers manage to make people lose their money?

Hmmm, it seems to me that Google needs to be more consistent in the criteria to be able to publish ads about cryptocurrencies or are they consistent and how did the scammers pay the highest they already leave?

The question remains in the air but one thing is certain Google is a centralized company and in the end they want to know how much they invoice at the end of the timeframe for the mandatory account report.

P.S: Please don't fall for this type of scams.

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