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By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 30 Jun 2020

Today we have the pleasure to bring to you a brief interview with Rocelo Lopes (STRATUM CEO).

As referred in our post related with STRATUM, Rocelo came in 4th place in Cointelegraph of most influential crypto people in Brazil.
So, let’s start our interview (questions will mark as SC meaning Simplify Crypto and RL meaning Rocelo Lopes).

SC:” At first place, congratulations for the work done in the crypto world and the place in the Cointelegraph rank.
First question: How did you know cryptocurrencies?”

RL: “In early 2013, when I lived in South Africa, one of my telecom company's customers was offering Bitcoin to settle a question he had with us. I was refusing his offers, as I had no idea what bitcoin was and thinks that bitcoin had no value or even meaning at the time.
However, there came a time after much insistence from the customer and my seller, I decided to accept the payment (at the time it will be something for around a thousand bitcoins).
At the end of 2013, I was in Hong Kong at a conference on cryptography and my partner told me that there was an exchange in Tokyo, which sold and bought bitcoins.
I ended up going to the exchange and meeting one of the partners who explained what bitcoin was.
For me, the biggest suppression I had was the appreciation of bitcoin since I received it until then (from R $ 180 to R $ 1200) and this sparked my interest on the subject.
At this point I started to study what bitcoin was and realize how important the technology was and ended up deciding to start the mining process, because I studied that it was the first thing that was possible to do.
The fact that I could generate my own cryptocurrencies caught my attention.
At this moment, it was when I decided to leave South Africa and return to Brazil with the intention of creating the first mining plant in Latin America (Paraguay).”

SC:” What was the reason that made you believe in cryptocurrencies?”

RL:” As I already knew a lot about cryptography, I found this serial technology crucial for a new market standard in addition to the financial system as well as VOIP for telecommunications.”

SC:” When did you realize that you needed to internationalize CoinBR and ended up creating STRATUM?”

RL:” When I realized that Brazilian regulators would try to regulate something that was not born to be regulated and, at the same time, gain international projection.”

SC:” Does STARTUM keep any personal data of its users?”

RL:” Yes, just the basics. Name, Email, Date of Birth, mobile phone number and TAX ID. However, in none of these data we ask you to send us documents to prove it.
We use a process developed by STRATUM.”

SC:” Currently, Stratum Advanced Wallet (SAW) is in its first version. Is it planned to release new updates with new features, for example logging with biometric data? ”

RL: “SAW has a very large roadmap. Yes, we will have biometrics, pin code, panic pin code and 2FA”

SC:” Currently, this portfolio only accepts BTC, USDT and RAS. Is it planned or planned to add more cryptocurrencies?
If so, will this also have the Tokenback service?”

RL: “SAW as a wallet will have BTC, BLU, DASH, ETH, RAS, SMART, USDT and XRP. Tokenback will have BTC, USDT and ETH. In the SWOP function more than 40 cryptocurrencies.”

SC:” Speaking of the Tokenback service, how does STRATUM manage to guarantee a fixed monthly interest to its customers? ”

RL: “We have crypto lease contracts as a guaranteed minimum, we only broker. Soon we will have another function for those who want to expose themselves to greater risk, which will be to use our trader bot with 2 levels (aggressive, moderate or conservative). STRATUM will keep 50% of the profit obtained by the bot.”

SC:” When people hear about fixed return in cryptocurrencies, they always end up thinking that it is a pyramid or some scam due to what has been going on in the last few years. What can you say to make people feel safe using SAW and the Tokenback service? "

RL:” First, it is STRATUM's history in the market and all the solutions already built and our attitude and performance in the market.
Second point, the percentage of interest we offer is something completely feasible for companies that know the market and the opportunities.”

SC: “Finally, what is your perspective on cryptocurrencies in the coming years? ”

RL:” I believe that the crypto will gradually enter the market for online gambling, casino and games and because of this entry we will see a great advance. Another thing that will emerge are new investment products using crypto and I believe that an ETF is very close to happening. digital banks will also appear with the solution that we will launch this year with integrated cryptography.”


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