Information and Dark Web

Information and Dark Web

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 8 Nov 2020

BNN Bloomberg has published that there is a large amount of user information available for sale.

This information was raised by Eli Dominitz, executive director of Q6 Cyber. Q6 Cyber ​​is a company focused on intelligence against electronic crimes.

Dominitz's analysis prevailed over ads on the dark web and found that most ads were for user information mainly email addresses.
Most of the e-mails came from Robinhood users, exceeding 5x the remaining e-mails from another exchange.

Research has shown that more than 10k of addresses are available for sale on the dark web.

The big problem with this is that e-mails in the hands of hackers can be directed towards pishing attacks (stealing passwords or requesting transfers of funds to the wrong wallets).

Almost 1k of TD Ameritrade Holding Corp accounts, which are known for selling credentials from banks and financial entities, were also found.

This leads us to make people more aware of the importance of protecting their data and to be extremely careful with them.

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