CoinGecko Trust Score

CoinGecko Trust Score

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 2 Jul 2020

As we all know, CoinGecko created a "Trust Score" for exchanges.

CoinGecko Trust Score

As we can see this indicator can vary between 0 and 10 and currently the lowest quote is 1 without counting those that are listed N / A.

There is another very interesting tab that is Cyber security.

CoinGecko Cyber Security

In this tab we can see the types of tests that are performed such as the penetration test and the proof of founds.

These indicators are especially welcome for us to understand if the exchange we are going to use is "reliable" for our portfolio.

However, for novice people who do not even know very well what the role of exchanges in this market can mislead these people.

Many beginners look at exchanges having the same role as traditional banks, and seeing these types of indicators can deduce that these exchanges are safe to leave cryptocurrencies and this should not be done.

In conclusion, these indicators are good only to understand if the exchange that we are going to use to buy cryptocurrencies and raise for our portfolio whatever it may be.


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