5 Stages Of a Crypto Project: How and When to Join?

5 Stages Of a Crypto Project: How and When to Join?

By SimpleSwap | SimpleSwap Blog | 31 May 2023

Today there are a huge number of various crypto projects in the Web3 space and not all of them are potential "gold mines". About 10 years ago, any project directly or indirectly related to cryptocurrency attracted only the most courageous investors and even allowed them to make (sometimes) big money. Nowadays, there are too many crypto-bloggers, influencers, advisors and so on. How not to drown in the ocean of cryptocurrency information and find your own profitable island, or, in other words, a profitable crypto project? Let’s find out in this article. 

Where to start?

A crypto project is a digital technology project aimed at solving problems related to cryptocurrency. Any crypto project starts with an idea and a gathering of a team of like-minded people. From the moment of developing an concept to its implementation, on average, Web3 project goes through 5 stages:

  • Pre-launch stage
  • "Early Bird" stage
  • Initial stage
  • Middle stage
  • Implementation stage

Let's talk about them in more detail and learn how investors may earn money on each stage.

Stage 1. Pre-launch

At this stage, there is already an idea, a team, first channels for communication in social networks and possibly the first investment. An important point: this is the most "hidden" or even “secret” stage. Usually team members get there through acquaintance or by invitation – it is extremely unlikely to find a job offer on some website.

However, for traders and investors it is possible to earn money even at this stage. If they constantly monitor Twitter and are subscribed to the leading influencers of the Crypto World and just “knowing” guys, then any information about a promising new project can still seep into their information field. It will provide an opportunity to invest their “penny” in a completely new project that seems profitable to them. In other words, it is possible to invest in a potentially successful yet secret project in order to have a good percentage of earnings in the future. You just need to find the information about it.

Stage 2. "Early Bird" 

The transition to "Early Bird" occurs when the project gains its first subscribers in the social networks and becomes little known in the crypto community. Its founders share some details, so it would be clear to which category the project may belong and what the developers want to get as a result.

What to do with a project that has just indicated its existence? How to benefit from it? Following the advice of experienced experts, the main thing here is to get into the Discord community as quickly as possible and get the Old Gangster (OG) status. OGs are the people who were the first to join a new project and who will then receive more profit from it.

Stage 3. Initial

If you join a crypto project at this stage, then most of the privileges will remain. Only the OG status will be unavailable. At this stage, the project carefully enters the market, so tracking it will be easier, but it still will take a lot of effort.

It is important at this stage to be as active as possible. Buy NFTs, cover social media, participate in giveaways, events, collaborations, etc. Do not slow down, do not sleep, but react, respond in chats and warm up interest in all possible (and impossible) ways. In the case a crypto project conquers the market, all efforts will pay off.

Stage 4. The middle

The project has matured. The number of its subscribers has grown, and it received publicity on social networks. It is difficult to make money by joining the project at this stage. The competition is fierce, investors are fighting for the attention of developers. There are very few possibilities to get on board, but, nevertheless, there are some. Usually experienced crypto investors who have confidence and know how to calculate risks win in such buttles.

Stage 5. Implementation

The appearance of a new project might create hype, noise and commotion. However, many of them will be blown away by a bearish trend, or because of team disagreements, or some other reason. So, at this stage, it's hard to earn money. However, if business is able to overcome all problems and survive, then investors and traders will get many new opportunities to earn profit: trading, scalping, staking, etc. 


As it turned out, it is possible to invest in crypto projects from the moment when the idea is just about to get into the developer’s head. Everyone finds out about new projects in different ways. Whether it’s intuition, tarot cards, or pre-established connections in the Crypto World, posts on Twitter, Telegram, or private chats. Just be careful, don’t forget to do your own research before trusting someone with your money.

Have you ever invested in a crypto project? Share your story in the comments below! If you want to learn more interesting facts about crypto then check out our blog! You might like our articles “What Is a Zero-Day Exploit” and “Technologies That Will Shape the Future of WEB3

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