What Are CryptoPuppets NFTs?

By Notum DeFi App | Notum DeFi App | 3 May 2022

What Are CryptoPuppets?

CryptoPuppets is a trending NFT collection that consists of 111 unique Puppets and was launched in 2021. The creator of this NFT collection is a talented young artist of Italian origin, Lapo Fatai. Lapo has long been indifferent to Puppets and has been drawing them for several years. Having gathered a creative team around him, the artist decided to transfer his creations to the digital world to make them more accessible and use them in the upcoming Lapoverse.

Each CryptoPuppets, as it befits NFTs, has unique features that distinguish it from the rest. Lapo presented this idea as various alter-egos of the first Puppet he painted on the wall in Milan and who came to life and escaped from him to the Ethereum blockchain.

So Puppets have differences in head accessories, hairstyles, eyes, mustaches, and much more, but they are all united by one thing — a smile, a WIDE smile as a sign of a challenge.

Why Are CryptoPuppets Special?

After reading about CryptoPuppets, anyone could wonder, “Well, what is so unusual about them?”. There are many other NFT collections on the market now, which are much more popular and well-known. But several points distinguish CryptoPuppets from thousands of other projects. 

Firstly, it is worth noting that they were created by a talented artist widely known and loved in Italy. Moreover, Lapo is the creator of the world-famous mural dedicated to medical workers who risked their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. The mural depicts a nurse exhausted by daily exploits, who still believe in the victory of the virus and, pushing aside the mask, smiles and gives a thumbs-up. With his creation, the artist wanted to express gratitude to all medical staff and capture them to glorify their heroic deed among the population.

In addition, CryptoPuppets is the first collection of its kind to be hunted! The project team published a post on its official Twitter that 4 CryptoPuppets have come to life and are hiding around the world. On April 16, the hunt began for a Puppet in a military helmet, the mural of which is hidden somewhere in Milan. Hunters can find instructions on the official Discord channel and try to find a Puppet faster than others. The lucky one wins the NFT, which depicts this Puppet.

Perhaps the most crucial thing is that CryptoPuppets are not simple NFTs that you can just own, buy, or sell. The project team has prepared something fascinating for the participants. The developers plan to launch a “Lapoverse” metaverse, in which CryptoPuppets will be the main characters. Lapo and his team have kept the participants in the excitement about the upcoming Lapoverse. However, they hinted that it would be something unique and with “many secrets about mutation”.

How Do CryptoPuppets NFTs Work?


Each CryptoPuppet is an ERC-721 NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Each token is non-fungible, meaning that it is unique and not equally interchangeable with any other cryptocurrency or token. To date, all CryptoPuppets have been sold out. You can buy an iconic Puppet only on the secondary market, for example, OpenSea. The floor price of the CryptoPuppet NFT is 0.45 ETH. The most expensive Puppet is for sale on the marketplace for 10 ETH. CryptoPuppet #104 is depicted on a yellow background, has a classic smile and crazy eyes, and wears a soldier’s helmet.

The price of a CryptoPuppet depends on the traits assigned to it. So, some traits are much rarer, which makes the CryptoPuppet having them more valuable. Each Puppet consists of 8 possible traits. Each attribute has many variations and styles. In addition, some images are limited to a certain number, so some characteristics are much less common than others.

A Puppet with rare traits will be sold at a higher price than a Puppet with a common set of traits. In the tables below, you can explore possible traits and find out the percentage of occurrence of each of them. 


Where Can I Buy a CryptoPuppet?

CryptoPuppets are available for purchase on the secondary market, for example, OpenSea. To buy a Puppet, choose the one you liked the most, for example, if you are a connoisseur of Dali, you can buy yourself a Puppet with a Dali Mustache. Connect with one of our available wallet providers: MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, etc. Make sure you have enough ETH or ERC20 tokens to pay the price of the CryptoPuppet of your choice, as well as network fees. 

Closing Thoughts

CryptoPuppets NFTs is an amazing project that symbolizes a new stage in the development of digital art. Now, thanks to NFT technology, art has become accessible to the masses, and artists can gain worldwide recognition and monetize their creativity. The collection has not yet entered the top of the most popular, which opens up opportunities to become an early participant and observe with your own eyes how the project is developing. With the launch of the Lapoverse, the project has every chance to become one of the most trending NFT collections.


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