Top Cryptocurrency Influencers 2021

By Notum DeFi App | Notum DeFi App | 5 Jan 2022

Cryptocurrency doesn’t like to be in the limelight, so it’s not that easy to reach that part of our world without being curious and attentive. What’s the best way to stay informed? We guess, sticking to crypto celebrities is essential, as an example Vitalik Buterin’s death hoax led to a $4 billion loss. Let’s say it’s a kind of private club where enthusiasts and experts meet to discuss essential crypto issues and share their insights. Do you want to join? Here’s your personal invitation. 


Most popular and influential people of the crypto world have their Twitter or/and Instagram official accounts, blogs, podcasts, or even YouTube channels. Why do you need to follow them? The answer is ridiculously simple — to be informed, to keep up with changes and innovations in the area, as everything is volatile, especially once we are talking about finance, especially digital finance. 

Here’s our shortlist of the most popular influencers: 

1. Elon Musk — @elonmusk  who doesn’t know the name of a multibillionaire entrepreneur who became extremely famous thanks to his companies PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX, cryptic tweets, and quite provocative announcements? Of course, you’ve heard about Elon Musk at least once. He is hugely interested in crypto and commented on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Starbase, and CumRocket in his tweeter account numerously. The interesting thing is that his tweets have a great impact on the market, that’s why even his one word can make the price go up or down. There is even a coin named after Musk, and it’s Dogelon Mars (ELON), that was quite a hype or look at a coin inspired by Musk's Shiba Inu dog, Floki. 

2. CZ Binance — @cz_binance Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ Binance, is another great influencer who is famous for being the founder and CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange called Binance. He’s one of the richest people in cryptocurrency ranked by Forbes, as well. Just an interesting fact to know — Binance has about 1,4 million transactions per second! 

3. Justin Sun — @justinsuntron this young man is a millionaire in his 31 y.o. created a Peiwo app, that’s an alternative to Snapchat in China, and was a representative of Ripple’s Chinese branch. He’s also the founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON and the CEO of Rainberry, Inc.

4. Vitalik Buterin —  ​​@VitalikButerin is a prominent figure in the crypto world, and he rightfully belongs to one of the best, as a creator of the Ethereum platform and the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (BTC). When you get through his Ted Talks, his own articles, you immediately feel that it’s a person who really cares about what he’s doing, he’s empowered by an idea, not only by money. Maybe, here is the answer to why Ethereum has the most loyal and global community worldwide. 

This young and bright Russian-Canadian programmer started when he was 21 and achieved a lot, so it’s worth following his Twitter and/or personal website

5. Plan B —@100trillionUSD is an excellent source of information when it considers blockchains and cryptocurrency. He’s famous for his forecast and predictions on crypto, and his most famous was Bitcoin’s Stock-to-Flow (S2F) price prediction model that proved itself. 

6. Charlie Lee — @SatoshiLite is a creator of Litecoin and former Conbaise Director of Engineering, one of BTCS Inc. Board of Directors, who shares memes, comic strips, and actively interacts with his followers. He also shares the latest news and articles about crypto if you’re looking for more serious content. 

7. Charles Hoskinson — @IOHK_Charles  he was one of the Ethereum founders but left the project because he thought that Ethereum should become commercial, and Vitalik Buterin, on the contrary, considered it should stay non-profit. That’s the reason why he started his own project called Cardano. Follow his YouTube channel and Twitter account not to lose the latest news. 

8. Roger Ver — @rogerkver is another sparkling spot you should have a look at. He’s also known as “Bitcoin Jesus” and one of the first Bitcoin followers and investors in 2011. Follow his Twitter account to check out the latest Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and crypto news and updates. He financially supported many Bitcoin startups and projects, such as Kraken,, and Ripple.  

9. Andreas M. Antonopoulos — @aantop is a famous crypto influencer known for being a Bitcoin and blockchain advocate. He’s also a writer and an entrepreneur who has his active Twitter account and a popular YouTube channel, aantonopwhere you can find helpful videos about Bitcoin, blockchain, and other cryptocurrency issues. 

10. Adam Back —  @adam3us is a British cryptographer mostly famous for his great invention — a Proof-of-Work system (PoW) that is hugely used for blockchain and cryptocurrency verifications. Many of Back’s interviews and articles explain complex concepts connected to crypto and bring the whole thing a bit closer. 


There are many articles on the Net where you can look for the most updated charts, and then it would be pretty helpful to find reviews on those blogs somewhere in smaller crypto communities where real people share their ideas and opinions, experience, and closing thoughts. Make sure you have several blogs you read daily, they should be popular among those who are totally into crypto, and another point to consider — a catchy design that will make it easier and enjoyable to follow the content. 

Our own top 10 list includes the following blogs:

  1. CoinDesk
  2. Cointelegraph
  3. Crypto Briefing
  4. Ethereum Foundation Blog
  5. CryptoNinjas
  6. CryptoPotato
  7. Bitcoin Magazine
  8. Let’s Talk Bitcoin
  9. Forbes
  10.  News BTC

There are even more great blogs on the Net, but the sense of all those top-ranked lists and charts is to choose the best from the best. You can always do your own research, but the listed blogs could be quite fruitful. 



Twitter is where all the most popular crypto influencers like Vitalik Buterin, Anthony Pompliano, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and many others share their tweets regularly. You can directly interact with those giants and follow them to stay always updated. 

Reddit is one of the most popular sites in the world with over 1.5 billion views per month. It has a huge and strong crypto community, with millions of people who are interested in crypto. By the way, they say that karma is going to be replaced with Ethers, so one more time it proves that Reddit is one is the best place to hang out. 

Instagram is massively popular among people who care about crypto. Some famous influencers populate crypto and bring it closer to the mass, you can also find your favorite blog or exchange’s account there. It’s a perfect solution once you are always on Instagram, and it’s your favorite media, so use it even in a smarter way — get the latest news, follow top influencers and read insightful posts. 

Discord is a gamers’ territory, but it has become a delectable place to gather for investors, developers, and crypto marketing agencies recently. The most popular crypto communities there are Axion, Satoshi’s Data, Cryptohub, Elite Crypto Signals, and Filthy Rich Futures. 

Pinterest is a picture-sharing service. You may think of it as a visualization tool for crypto enthusiasts who are eager to learn and absorb new information using nice but still informative pictures with charts, explanations of the crypto basics, tables, and other handy crypto tips wrapped in infographics. 

Clubhouse is a platform you can use once you have an invitation and an iPhone. There are rooms where people discuss whatever they like, and it sounds like another shallow thing, but the reality is that there are rooms for millions of followers who are quite serious about crypto. Such people as Balaji Srinivasan, Brian Armstrong, and Elon Mask have already given a talk using Clubhouse. Pierre Rochard, a Bitcoin strategist from Kraken, and Anthony Pompliano have their accounts there. 

Quora is a spot where people ask and answer questions about crypto. If you are up to having discussions and getting new information from different sources, this place definitely suits you. 

Telegram is another hugely popular destination where you can find crypto mates to share your experience, ideas thought or simply follow developers to catch up with the latest trends and news. 

Closing thoughts

Aristotle once said — “Man is by nature a social animal”, and if you think about that thoroughly, you can agree with that statement. Maybe that is the purpose why we have so many social media platforms, why they are so diverse and unique, why we tend to immerse ourselves there and look for people who have the same interest as we have. Another point that matters is an opportunity to follow people who have already achieved a lot in the crypto sphere and can help you to overcome fears, doubts and sometimes even cheer up your mood with a silly but still hilarious meme.

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We struggled to find the best platform for crypto investing, so we've created our own. Meet a cutting-edge app to buy, swap, stake, and enter the crypto market with ease today! 👉

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