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Season 3 Snowflakes

The other day when I posted this image and speculated on what it could mean for RollerCoin's Season 3 event, I was totally off base. Turns out this image is 100% unrelated to Season 3, and was actually the "studio" for their very first Q&A session. It was a pre-recorded session, so they were fully in control of what was asked, and the voices were "hamsterized." Here's the breakdown of the three and a half minute video.

What Qs did they A?

Only a few, really. Here's the gist:

1. BNB deposits/withdrawals are coming with Season 3. So you can deposit BNB to buy RLT, or withdraw whatever BNB you've mined.

2. A new game called "Lambo Rider" is coming out with Season 3 where you try to avoid obstacles and collect 50 tokens.


3. Spanish & Portuguese language support is coming soon

4. Polygon's MATIC will be added to the list of mineable coins for Season 3, as well as the ability to deposit the Binance/Paxos stablecoin BUSD for purchasing RLT. I might actually mine some MATIC. I like this token. I've already been earning some from Pipeflare.


5. They gave a few details about the miner-merging function that will be available at the start of the Season 3 event:

Looks like combinations will rank-up using a star system.


It doesn't look like there will be any visual changes between the "original" version and the ranked-up version:



The merging process will require components that are acquirable through airdrops & game drops (including the new Lambo game).


A GIF of airdrops was included in the blog post I showed in my last article regarding the Leaderboard. This is probably connected. Top miners will probably get a ton of components to combine their TON of miners, which will both make them much harder to dethrone and create a good starting point for the Marketplace (coming Season 4).

Then they essentially confirmed that there is no way to earn the "Skam" miner (and nobody in the community has it), as this was an experiment that didn't get completed before they realized it was a bad idea and people would take advantage.


The last few seconds showed text about Season 3 coming in December, complete with snowflakes.


But guys... It's already December... So.......

Oh, and also, the block reward for RLT is still 60, and the block reward for DOGE is still 20 (instead of 80). I suppose 4 Doge week simply hasn't started yet?



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