Game Updates

Recently the RollerCoin team mentioned that they made some changes to the way the games are distributing the "points" that accumulate in the form of your personal hashrate.

Other changes have been made that were not discussed.

  • The resolution appears to have been increased.
    • Things look almost too crisp, like a comic book or cartoon come to life.
      • instead of straight up 8-bit, it's now like a 16-bit or 32-bit animation meant to look like 8-bit.
    • The words on the start/end buttons are less aliased?
      • They're a bit harder to read on a small screen due to a reduction in "smoothing."
      • The straight parts of letters are more narrow, and the curved parts are more square.
  • The frame rate or animation speed seems increased?
    • The cracks in the blocks of Cryptonoid seem to "develop" over a few microseconds (instead of just "appear")
    • Cryptonoid's ball has a trail that looked like a "soundwave" before. Now it has a detectable blank space.
      • When it's on fire, the fire flickers.
    • The smog cloud trail behind flappy rocket looks more gaseous.


Some of the games also play differently.

  • Token Blaster's fireballs descend more often and more quickly.
  • Coin Match's coins drop more slowly.
  • Cryptonoid's ball can now "catch" on the corners of the paddle & get flung back up even if they may have been "dropped" before.


A few functionalities are also missing that were big ways that I used to play those games:

  • No more tapping 2 cards at once in Coin Flip
  • No more shooting 2 birds with 1 (laser)stone in Token Blaster

Has Lambo Rider gotten faster and more full of obstacles? I can't tell because this game was always challenging for me. I get really aggro when there is no way to avoid the obstacles. It seems unfair, especially on Level 1. But it does remind me that sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get ahead, even if that means sacrificing a "life" for some coins.





Did I miss anything?


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