Even after triple-checking... Still MATIC. XD

Hey Guys!

At the beginning of this week, the RollerTeam updated the multiplier currencies. As expected, everything that wasn't bonused last week has been bonused this week:



before everyone had a chance to update their power distribution, the main profitable thing to be mining was the newest-added coin, SOL. This was not very surprising, as MATIC acted this way when first added too. Not very many people chose to mine it, either because they were unfamiliar with it, didn't realize it had been added, or perhaps just wanted to round out a whole RLT's worth of something else first. And not just a little bit more profitable.... It blew everything else away!


But now

that it has been a day or so, the network has leveled out and MATIC is back to being the top-most profitable (along with solana):




It REALLY is this high right now. No mistakes.

Get it while the getting is good. (not financial advice XD)

If you’re not already getting paid in crypto for your casual gaming habits, you can grab a quick thousand sats by using my link to join RollerCoin. Adopt your own Mr. Goxx (R.I.P.) and get that wheel rolling! 

If you’d rather not play games with your crypto, check out some of my other favorites and faucets.

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“What happens in crypto stays in crypto.”

Getting What Has Been Paid For
Getting What Has Been Paid For

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