How much time do we have?

By groveguy | Sikander Raza | 13 Feb 2019


So in the middle of FUD FOMO HODL let's keep the topic on a lighter note today. The thought of the day is what will happen when CRYPTO is adopted as money everywhere although it seems hard in the areas where there is no technology or for that matter no internet. May be we could have such atomic swaps by then that need no such mediums that we know of yet, to transfer the value.




What would we call a Millionaire? We know a person owning Million Dollars can be called a millionaire but would there be Dollars by then? Can we call them Coiners or should we call them to their community name like if someone holds a lot of value in $TRON, we may call them a TRONIAN, lol. What kind of culture would CRYPTO bring? Will there be millionaire Gamers who would win not just dummy coins by winning a tournament but winning would mean winning an actual fortune, could it become a thing?

We all know the age of AI is coming humans are already competing against BOTS for jobs would there be signs of advertisements where we see Humans required? Would there be any jobs available for people who are not Technology literates. You see it's not just specific professions the technology will come after, it's going to take over everything. It's not a coincidence that technology figures like Elon Musk warns us every now and then.




There are just so many perspectives, possibilities, narratives and outcomes that one can come up with but surely the future will remain untold. It is always going to be a mystery that will unfold itself at every major step. For the sake of our topic let's see in the past. Who could have said 3 to 4 decades ago that there will be a time when we would be able to talk to our loved ones face to face without having to go there no matter what the distance is? I know there are people who have the eye to see the future but nothing is for certain and today the curtains are unfolding really fast provided the technology that we have at our hands. Let us know in the comments what do you think about how much time is left?


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Sikander Raza

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