By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 14 Sep 2020

This week we will look at different ways to affirm while having movement.

Walking is a gentle way to incorporate movement in your life. There are many ways to approach this exercise.

For example where you walk and how you walk. You can walk just about anywhere. Try to mix it up. Try walking in nature, walking barefoot, walking in the rain, walking in the wind, walking on the sand and walking in water. Use your imagination of all the possible ways you can walk.

It can be a brisk or gentle walk. You can walk up a hill, up and downstairs or where you have to constantly change direction due to the path.

Getting out and walking every day will greatly benefit your health and get some sun or at night moon energy. While walking use your awareness to see what you are thinking. You can focus your awareness on your breath or start a mantra or affirmation.

You can incorporate your affirmations with movement, working on your body and mind.

Peace and Love

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