Hard Fork OF Hardfork - Money Making Tool

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 26 Aug 2020

fa85d7caa87b8a9de19a7944e8d8af1c6612c4397c073978546ff30277e1e4a3.jpegAs we can see, there are tens of coin hardforks. Bch, btg, btc sv, etc, eti, and many other coins. Reasons behind hardfork are almost the same, changing protocol, MB size block, scalability, and other technical reasons.  Hardforks are good tool to improve a coin network sustainability, the problem is why should be hardfork as the solution. 

There are some negative sides fron hardforking in the economy of crypto because hardfork tends to become easy mone making tool. A group of developers, miners, masternodes and investors support hardfork then they will get airdrop of new coins. Then they make cooperation with exchangers and      boooom! they will earn huge amount of money. They have replica of community. The token holders are the same from the original coins. There are no new communities behind hardfork coin. The hardfork coins and the original coins are possible to be splitted again without limitation. 

In real economy, unlimited hardfork will cause hyper inflation that will make money loos the value. That is why some economists still see cryptocurrency not as a real money because technically the money can be played as a money making game.  Can you imagine when a seller should accept 100 different kinds of hardfork coins? I think the seller would accept one or two coins. Others are nothing in value. Look at the merchats that accept coin payment now. Most accepted coins are btc, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, and eth. Why most merchants do not accept all coins in exchangers? They do not want to gamble with the value of hardfork coins. 

Picture source; https://pixabay.com/id/photos/sendok-garpu-peralatan-makan-gula-2426623/

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