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Would Presearch find the answer before I ever typed my request ?

By cookingwithbenoit | Side track | 18 Mar 2021

Why degoogle your search with Presearch, the decentralized, blockchain-based, incentivizing search engine ?

I'm a fairly new blogger on publish0x. I've been using this platform for barely a month now, earning a few cents and learning to make sense of this unintelligible gibberish that is the crypto lingo, literally a new language in many ways, for me at least.

I know more about search engines because as everyone else in the world I use Google. Mostly because of its “convenience”. Maybe it’s out of laziness, or perhaps it’s because it’s the default setting on most browsers, I have remained tied to this platform. I now understand what they mean when they say  "If it's free, you're the product." For me, Free is too high a price to pay to be a Google strumpet. 

To be honest, I tried many search engines in an attempt to get rid of the Great G : because I'm French, I gave Qwant a try (bwahahaha), then I turned to MS Bing (badaboom) or Ecosia, because muh-ecology and sh*t... I was not convinced.

I've been using DuckDuckGo lately, mainly because of privacy policies, and yeah no targeted ads, or profiling, or censorship of content, what a concept!  But, search results, not so much.

This is where decentralized technology, cryptocurrency and rewarding activity comes in. That's a no brainer in many ways. Even though Big Broogle conducts more than 90% of the world's search requests, its blatant political algorithms, audacious infringement on privacy and their shocking control on content and the users, is to say the least very troubling. Thus, providing a big opening to Canada's alt tech pride Presearch, seemed to be the current and obvious solution.

Presearch search engine home page

First I thought of Philip K. Dick's novel "Minority Report" and its - still - fictitious police division PreCrime. Would Presearch  find the answer before I ever typed my request ? That would be too good to be true, wouldn't it ? Presearch  is NOT a precog mutant,  but it definitely is a crypto mutant. Let me explain…

The $PRE token : explanations

When you use the Presearch  search engine and you are logged in to your Presearch account, you get rewarded with its blockchain-based token : $PRE (€0.0847 on coinmarketcap at the time of writing this post).

You will earn 0,12PRE everytime you use Presearch as a search engine, which are then considered reward tokens and are worth a fraction of the eligible tokens you may withdraw, depending on your PRE level. The higher the level (above 5), the higher your reward tokens become full eligible tokens.

Just so you know, search queries need to be "authentic" to increase any PRE level, meaning that users have to avoid rubbish queries. You, bots won't fool Presearch's rewards verification system.

The minimum amount of eligible tokens to withdraw is a 1,000PRE. That's a lot of search requests. But it's never too late, start now and create your account.

You may also earn 25PRE by creating your Presearch account, clicking here.

The search nodes : explanations

You can make your computer a part of the decentralized search engine Presearch community, by tuning it into a search node and making any search request totally anonymous and rewarding for the Presearch user. How good is that ?

Needless to say, if your computer is available as a search node, when a Presearch user is seeking and ultimately finding an answer, you get rewarded with more $PREs (more info here).

Setting up your computer as a search node is a quite simple procedure : it needs a software called "Docker" (available for MacOS, Windows and Linux), a Presearch account and (at least) a 1,000PRE stake dedicated to your node.

Watch the explanation video here.

The stake : explanations

Presearch also put together an original and unique way of promoting ads, for who ever is into online advertising. Which is potentially a lot of people, regarding the tremendous spring of available online shopping websites, due to pandemic lock-downs, social distancing regulations and double or triple masks guide lines IRL. Shopify has had a blast for the last year.

Let's say your website is about selling staple removers, all sorts of staple removers. Now you want the 1.5 million Presearch users all around the world to find your staple removers website so you can sell them staple removers.
Well dude, you have knocked at the right door. Presearch will display your website above the fold, as soon as you have staked your $PREs against the keywords "staple" and "remover" or the term "staple remover".

Now, each time a Presearch user will type "staple" and/or "remover", your ad will display at the top of the search result page, for more happy days for your dear stationary business.

Oh, by the way, for the moment, any ad related click to your ad is free. Yeah, you read well my young apprentice, "no cost per click, no cost per impression and no cost per action." as it is specified here.

It is important to add that your $PREs are not spent into staking against those keywords : You still own them, but they are just locked into a stake, up until you un-stake them for any other purpose, like exchange with other tokens or withdraw them to go to the restaurant as soon as this is possible.

In the meantime, you can find staple removers on Presearch. Here's the search result page for you.

Let me know what kind of staple remover you purchased in the comment section below.

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