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Have you seen the new nexo loan rollout?..🥰

By Acadies | ShrimpScale | 4 Dec 2021

    Surely most of you are aware of the platform and have seen how counterpart protocols like cro have progressed📈. While it is likely degenerate af to compare the two, their tokenomics & use are still equivalent to kissing your cousin😘 

   Nexo isn't crypto.com and I'm not calling for the disgusting gains cro is having but they're offering some really impressive things at only 1billionish market cap at the time of writing in a bull market👀.

   After using several, I've found nexo to be one of the best and easiest interest and staking I've come across honestly. Right behind blockfi's ease of use but nexo just provides far more and for better rates. Especially when having some nexo in your account. They pay your Interest out daily although my bullish ass almost always locks up large chunks each month for the extra percentage or two..😅  While it can be a bit of a pain to get a hold of the nexo token for us mericans its really not bad and one can only imagine where it will go with a few more listings. but either way its absolutely useful. They offer regular promos for fractions of your trades like some others which is nice. Plus Cash back on swaps, credit card, $25btc on referalls, prize pools, etc.. It's on par or better than its peers in that regard. 4-20% apy on your crypto too with littleto no work.😍

    All that and now... They've lowered their crypto loans to 0.0 to 1.9%.. 👀 They can explain it better than I which I'll list below. From what I understand this new policy intends to be permanent. Banks better look out if this takes hold.🚀  i was already happy with the question less 6.9% But more importantly so if you're a Frankensteinian mix of conservative degen like myself, we can theoretically use these loans as free capital for juicy dips like these. Gonna stack a few extra sats, adas, links, dots, & eos this weekend or shit maybe right now hahahahah. Swing trading with training wheels🤣💀.

    FYI don't take anything I say as financial advice. I believe in the projects I'm investing into but there's the definite possibility I may be ignorant for doing so. Or plain wrong in how the whole ordeal works🤷 who knows number go up right😋 

    Plus I hear repaying loans isn't taxable soooo one could take "profits" by paying off the loan (assuming our shitcoin didn't degrade faster than the dollar) and letting what's left ride house money style. Rinse and repeat for a while until you're ready to get f'd in the ass by uncle Sam or when the time cums🚨🚀🌋📈📉🐻😉

   Anyway you should really be listening to ppl more reliable than I. ⬇️ quoted from a nexo email, probably legit*

  • Ready or not, our next Nexonomics release is here and it’s called 0% Borrowing Rates. What’s great about this release is that it’s not a promo, it’s а permanent fixture on the Nexo platform. 
  • 0% Borrowing Rates gives Gold and Platinum clients rates as low as 0% when borrowing with an LTV of 20% or below.
  • The Perks
  • 0% Interest
  • Platinum users get zero-cost credit when their LTV is below 20%.
  • 1.9% Interest
  • Gold users get a premium low-cost rate when their LTV is below 20%.
  • Flexible
  • Switch between our standard rates and the new 0%-1.9% options at any time.
  • Assets
  • 23 cryptocurrencies available as collateral.
  • For assets like the NEXO Token, where the permitted LTV is already below the 20% threshold, clients will automatically get our 0% or 1.9% borrowing rates for the Platinum and Gold Loyalty tiers when opening a new credit 

   Okay, did you get it? I think I did. Maybe minimal, could be huge might be devastating. Either way its interesting.

   Feel free to comment below how far this poor farmer is on the scale from genius to Neanderthal. Want to check it out? Hook us both up with $25 in the link below⬇️

   Join Nexo and get $25 in BTC! With Nexo you can earn up to 12% APR on crypto and stablecoins, borrow against or exchange cryptocurrencies and much more. Sign up here: https://nexo.io/ref/i6p7k5wb6z?src=android-link


   Anther little thing my rat ass dabbles in whilst sleeping or working the field. https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=3208823&game=8&pf=2

   ⬆️ Not a bad weekly payout in litecoin. I basically typed out a whole paragraph of my micro degen strategy for earning ltc crumbs with little to no effort on my phone when I realized it was becoming multiples of paragraphs and deserves its own. Maybe after the weekend.. just check it out. x2 payout on new games this weekend💁😴

Apologies for sentence structure. Always a work in progress.

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