#ShowYourPortfolio: Scorum Showcase

Circa 2017 I was an avid Steemit blogger and insistent that the bull market would last forever...

I was quite wrong about the latter statement, but I did make enough noise on Steemit to garner some eyes and attention to my sports articles. The development team behind Scorum, a sports blogging and betting platform let me know they were going to unveil their product sometime in 2018. 

It was June when Scorum finally opened their doors, and once they did, it was only a world of potential and FOMO in my mind. 

Scorum is an aesthetically and mechanically beautiful platform in which users can blog and bet on sports as they so choose. 

BetScorum is a live sportsbook that accepts the SCR token and allows holders to spend their liquid betting against each other as opposed to betting against the book itself.. hence the uniquely decentralized take on betting of the future. 

Fantasy sports were also available on launch, but the bear market forced the Scorum team to downsize and find ways to come up with much of the lost Ethereum. 

I myself am shooting for 100k SCR and have 45k holdings in my wallet at the current moment.. I have over 1k in liquid and have made this my primary crypto. 

I feel it is important to invest in one sole token with personal influence and the promise of a real future as opposed to dilly dallying amongst multiple tokens which may just burn away with lack of community or care...

Scorum possesses both of the latter, and it's important to note that there is a lively platform of sports fans who want to see Scorum succeed. 

It has been one year and we are still in the top 1000 coins despite the hardship of launching at the start of the dreaded bear market. 

I have invested much of my time promoting Scorum to the masses and accruing some of the millions of SCR in circulation. It would be wonderful to garner a whole new set of eyes for the wellbeing of Scorum.. this is a platform I truly care for and wish success upon. 

The future of sports media on the blockchain can easily be ignited by the beauty and concepts Scorum has brought forward.. we have a machine with an evolving engine.. we simply need more fuel. 

More users and more good energy towards this coin will propel it to the heights it once sat. Starting at half a US dollar may have enticed pioneer users to HODL, and with the token floating between 1 and 2 cents nothing has changed. 

There is a lot of promise, and the Scorum team is hard at work creating a usable product which will evolve sports media as a whole!

Check out my investment and my profile.. and come along for the ride! It won't disappoint!

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