Stone Rose

By mgaft1 | Short Stories | 25 Nov 2019

Rosaline turned off her phone, fell her face down on the bed, her dense black hair scattered over a pillow and broke into tears. Her heart was broken. Her boyfriend Jim, a person whom she gave all of her heart, mind, and body, betrayed her with another woman. For a long time, she didn’t believe what her girlfriends have told her. This time it was undeniable. Perry sent her a photo where Jim kissed another woman.

After a while, Rosaline wanted to look at the photo again. She turned on the phone and looked at the woman again. She couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly as it was shielded with Jim’s nape. All she could see was her blond hair, fair skin, and arc-shaped eyebrow. “What does she has that I don’t?” Rosaline posed a voiceless rhetorical question. She realized though that the woman was of a different type. “Yes, I have olive skin, dark eyes, full lips, and curvy body, but my biggest shortcoming is the warm heart, a heart of a loving and giving person. How could he not appreciate this?

How could he?!!!” Tears started pouring from her eyes again.

“No,” said Rosaline this time out loud, “ I shouldn’t, I cannot give up that easily. You are such a mess”, she deduced as she looked at herself in the mirror. “I need to get a hold of myself.”

Rosaline went to the bathroom, washed her face, then put on the coat and went out to the Ocean. Ocean was always her friend. She could tell the ocean everything and it always answered her with a reassuring rustle of its waves.
This time it was not calm. Large waves rolled on the shore and broke with a loud whisper. Rosaline felt as if the Ocean understood her and was mad at Jim just like her.

She noticed and a bottle been thrown out to the shore. She ran toward it when the waves retreated grabbed it and quickly ran back, not to wet her shoes. The bottle was of the dark green glass, with seaweeds that stuck on its surface. Apparently, it was in the ocean for a long time. The cork was plugged in deep into the bottle and Rosaline couldn’t pull it using her nails.

Moved by curiosity she brought it home and used the corkscrew to open it. She thought it might be a letter by some unfortunate people from a forgotten island or a plan to treasures. Instead, sulfur-smelling smoke came out of the bottle, moved to the middle of her room and organized itself in a strange scary face.

“I am Hasan, Ahmed, Abdurrahman ibn Khavari, the great mag. I was put in this bottle by Caliph Umar ibn al-Hattab for plotting against him. You freed me. Ask me anything you want and I will fulfill your wish.”

“Anything I want?”

“Yes, fair lady”

Rosaline pondered. She wanted to be even prettier than the new Jim’s girlfriend. Take him away from her and then dump him.

“I want to be the most beautiful, very fragile, of very fair complexion and, most importantly, very coldhearted.”

“Your wish is my command, fair lady”

Rosaline disappeared. Instead, in the middle of the room, there appeared the most beautiful and gentle stone rose, snow-white in color.

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