Why I'm 100x Bullish on $AUDIO

By Lucapelle | ShitCoins I Like | 8 Feb 2021


The music industry generates $43 billion in revenue but only 12% goes to content artists. Furthermore, artists have minimal control over how their music is distributed and little visibility into who is streaming it.
Audius is a fully decentralized music streaming protocol built with public blockchain infrastructure and other decentralized technologies that have the potentials to solve this problem and several others faced by artists;

-($AUDIO) allows artists to distribute to and get paid directly from their fans.

-No more Black Box Royalties.(these are unclaimed royalties for which a publisher or writer is named but cannot be traced by a collection society. Writers who are owed royalties but cannot be found are often referred to as "lost" writers)

-Provides the security of a Streaming service that runs on the blockchain and doesn't incur in censorship or royalty issues, where if something is there It is there forever.

Specially during times when Big Tech can easily silence the former president of the most powerful nation in the world

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or like Spotify where the employees demand to edit and censor JRE podcast even if their company just signed a $100M contract with the guy🤯62d95c6e89721d6f7d246e78218480ea856accdfda76bef8f73799f5ed3bfe73.jpg

($AUDIO) will bring music to the blockchain and everybody should get behind It:

-It's fully decentralized and decentralization is the future if you're in this space you already know that!

-Low Market Cap could 100x

-Has been performing fairly well against BTC/ETH and It will continue to do so for the Bull Run452b93eb978b9c9230bdffb5864f8234fcd885c4b199bddbb28d82ccb119c05e.png

-Here's a decent chart (if you're that type of guy/girl): you can see not too much overhead room and It's on a minor uptrend 



If you still aren't convinced:


-The platform lets you stream music for FREE

-Skrillex is on It! Imagine if an artist or other big names gets on It bringing million of followers on the platform and talking about the coin

-Everybody likes music and specially free music!

-If you want to provide liquidity and run nodes you can even stake It and earn!

-Soundcloud 500M and Spotify65 Billion have huge Market Caps if only 10% of their users were to move on Audius to listen to music podcast etc...that would give an easy 10x to the actual price.

-It's available on Binance and has more partnerships on the go.

If #AUDIUS Protocol succeeds it could be the official block-chained workplace for music, huge potential with more adoption/exposure and liquidity the price should go to 1$ easily and that Is good to know make your calculations.

With the current price $AUDIO fully diluted valuation is about 200M. Thats nothing if you consider how much potential for growth It has.
It's a community coin that brings crypto to the main stream; we should all want them to succede and get more people in the market.
It has great fundamentals with a solid team behind It that have made big investment to bring It to life. Might very well be the way to stream in the future.  ✌🏽

here's the classic disclaimer: "this is NOT financial advise DYOR etc." 

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