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By Shiftrox | Gamer Forever | 10 May 2021

Good morning to all game lovers!

Today we are going to talk about the game RollerCoin, which is a game where you invest your time in mini-games and in return increases your coin mining power.

With this "power" that accumulates you will generate more and more coins for your account, in which you can make the withdraw later

Currently you can farm 5 types of currencies: RLT which is the game's internal currency, Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and Tether (ERC-20):

Game coins

Initially it is good to focus on the RLT currency, as it is with it that you will be able to buy more miners and improve your power much more:


That way you will be mining the coins. You can play all day to further improve your "power", or you can simply play 1 game a day, to avoid asking for your staked power.

It is not necessary to keep the game page open, so the farm happens all the time. It is a great initiative, because in the beginning it is not necessary to invest money, only time

Twitter celebrating the 3 years of Rollercoin:

Signup links:

Publish0x - In case you are not signed up yet, earn money just by reading articles

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Rising Star - Complete missions to level up and earn STARBITS, buy and sell NFTs in a blockchain game set in the music world!

RollerCoin - Passive cryptocurrency miner


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