A Tour to Remember:5th Destination"Buwakan ni Alejandra"

A Tour to Remember:5th Destination"Buwakan ni Alejandra"

By leejhen | shared photos/Foods/Nature | 17 Jan 2021

After our Sweet Strawberry Adventure. We proceed on our 5th Destination. Which is at the "Buwakan ni Alejandra".

Buwakan means" Garden" In English Alejandra's Garden.


Taking a selfie while going down at Buwakan ni Alejandra.


We already saw the Beautiful flowers and it really captured our eyes.


We always took a group pic every Destination.


Welcome to Buwakan ni Alejandra!!!


As we can see The Garden was also surrounded with Mountains.


Clean and green. The air is so very refreshing.



Flowers are beautifully trimmed and properly arranged. And there are some other Beautiful plants too aside from Flowers.


We pose and take a selfie with my chubby face hehe.


This heart shaped plants was made for selfie purposes.


The Garden is full of different flowers and I don't know what it's name.


We met a young boy care taker who likes to captured Photos so he offered to us that he will be our Photographer on this day in Buwakan ni Alejandra.


So this is the Manny Pacquiao pose haha.


Look at the back! It's a very nice and beautiful view! I regret that I didn't captured many photos. Now that I love Photography I'm here staying at home. But once in awhile if ever I went out I'll make sure to take a single pic.


Oh Picking of Flowers is strictly prohibited. We are free to see and enjoy the view but not to touched.

But just imagine the baby of Lorenz is keep on picking flowers hehe. That's why she always carry her.


Oh this is the Annyeong pose. With a thumb heart. But Jay Ann spread her two hands like Titanic a Jack and Rose pose haha.


So this is the Titanic pose lol. But kidding aside I forgot what kind of pose is this.


This one is much higher haha. Embracing the Beauty and wonder of Nature. It's a very lovely place.


So this time we changed our location. We are sitting in a beautifully trimmed plants and flowers. Just looking cool yeah!.


There are many kinds of flowers but sadly I don't know them. But it looks very familiar though.


Oh this one is a "look up pose" . But look at Jovy still managed to look at the camera.


The wacky pose perfect for my wacky face.


Surprised! haha this time my solo pic with this butterfly design in my front. Please bare with my Haggard face and cute little chubby nose. I just want to promote the view only.


Changed position again. This time we went up on the Logo of Alejandra. And it's a Manny Pacquiao pose.


Oh this pose was mixed haha. The girls should pose a pa cute post while the boys will be still Manny Pacquiao. But sir Jim wanted to have a cute pose too.


The wacky pose for boys and The Miss Universe pose for girls.


Oh the Thumb Heart I Love you pose. I don't know why we are all at the side while the other side is empty haha.


Please excuse me for my chubby little nose hehe.


Just never mind my face. Look at the pink flowers at my back, they are very adorable and so cute.

And thank you for being with me reminiscing this once in a Lifetime tour opportunity. Hope you enjoyed it.

I have two stolen shots here, promoting the view and beauty of Buwakan ni Alejandra.


They are busy talking about something under the moon. But don't mind them! Just look at the view! Very Beautiful Flowers!


This view and flowers is very nice. A Wonderful creation of God. They are not boring to looked at. It will give you a feeling of happiness. Smelling the fresh scent of Flowers added with The cold breeze brought by trees and mountains.

If you want to look some more Photo Adventures please visit my 1st till 4th Destination.


leejhen ❤️

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shared photos/Foods/Nature
shared photos/Foods/Nature

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