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North America's First BTC ETF soars and Bill Gates is apparently "Neutral" about BTC

By Mind_Braille | sharding_responsibly | 18 Feb 2021

Since the markets opened for the new BTC ETF on the TSX the trading volume has been tremendous. It seems that this may be a great start for mainstreaming BTC and hopefully other prominent cryptocurrencies in the future. I hope that the sentiment and enthusiasm for crypto remains strong even when the retro-virus pandemonium subsides and dies in a hole etched out in the ruins of history. 


In a recent interview of our beloved Bill he was asked whether he was for or against BTC despite BTC being environmentally wasteful. He replied that he was neutral about it and that he was for reducing costs of transactions for people in foreign countries and increasing scale of monetary transfer with digital tech. He said that, that is what the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation does unlike the tax avoidant intent of BTC users enthusiasts. Instead he was advocating their method of monetary transfer which involved being able to cancel transactions and micro-manage them (a proponent of authoritarian centralization perhaps?).If our friend Bill knew anything about BTC he would know that you can trace BTC transactions and that cash is probably a better bet for those that want to evade the snares of the IRS. If that is what you call being "neutral" about BTC then perhaps we should revisit and examine what he means by his "charity". 

Feel free to check out the interview in the link below and let me know what you think.

May we all meet like we once did, verily soon. 


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