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Study; Why you are more likely to be scammed when it comes to crypto compared to cash

6 Jul 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Mind_Braille

The human condition is a curious one when it comes to behavioural economics regarding cash versus tokens of momentary value. We would like to assume that people act rationally and that cash compared to tokens worth money would be treated similarly wh...

Earn Crypto and Sell tasks globally with Electroneum Anytask

2 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Mind_Braille

With over 3.8 million registered users, Electroneum has come a long way, from allowing users around the globe to utilise their phones mining ETN via a cloudbased user, to the community they have today.  This strategy has allowed for a far reaching di...

Local Crypto: Scam alerts and tips

31 May 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Mind_Braille

As the crypto-sphere continues to expand and change, we need to adopt and evolve if we want to keep our hard earned money in our (cold storage) wallets. Local Ethereum and Local Btc aka. Local Cypto now has its fair share of scammers. Even though the...

On Netflix, Cheetos and Twinkies: Where do we begin when the quarantine couch beckons us?

31 May 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Mind_Braille

  When the draw of habits that we want to shake off becomes a gravitational force in our lives, we may want to take a closer look at why the habits are there in the first place. To achieve this, we need to delve a bit deeper into what moved us and wh...


Study; Why you are more likely to be scammed when it comes to crypto compared to cash

6 Jul 2020 Mind_Braille

06 July 2020
That is a fair point, I thought of that as I was writing the article.I believe he put a six pack of coke in the fridge so the person would have to make a bit more of an effort to take them/mistake them as their own. The money was out in the open and on a plate in the fridge and not a single note was gone.

Bitcoin is Not Finished as Some Are Saying

3 Jun 2020 Thomas Wolf

04 June 2020
I hear you but the basis of these constructs are not purely based on an abstraction therefore not 100%.I think it would be more constructive in giving people the benefit of the doubt who do believe in race being that on a superficial level there is some argument to be made and I am not sure how far we can get by calling them all idiots. I am glad to see you enjoy a good go at dialogue/discourse unlike many who typically run or melt. Very cool majoring in Biology,(I just started on some Bio myself- fascinating stuff)you may like beyond good and evil by good old Nietzsche it seems you are a renaissance man in the making :).

Bitcoin is Not Finished as Some Are Saying

3 Jun 2020 Thomas Wolf

04 June 2020
Hi Thomas, Interesting points you touch on. I think similarly to you that many of the differences between people is in part a construct(is malleable and is formed by nurture/culture one grew up with as well among other factors ),however there are undeniably (nature) differences in traits and genetic makeup that we are able to observe between different groups of people. These differences albeit small are large enough for us to visually observe and even allow us to deduce if one is more vulnerable or resilient to various diseases or illnesses, e.g. greater propensity for diabetes and obesity for natives on a SAD (standard american diet) or higher rates of mental illness among whites and a greater rate of sickle cell anemia among Blacks of African and Caribbean decent. I agree that money is an abstraction and has no intrinsic value anymore and is a fiction of consensus. The relativistic way of thinking and labelling many things as simply a 100% social construct has it's limits and in fact can be dangerous especially when it defies reality and does not allow when labelled as such, for honest realisation of the nuance and complexity of a situation. Teasing out the construct is a more difficult task than one realises as this approach simplifies a complex matrix of ideas/realities which has it's unique multiplicity of factors that influence and create it. I hope this was not too much of a sermon on the mount,I also like smashing tablets from time to time when I get a peak behind the curtain of the social machine.

Bitcoin is Not Finished as Some Are Saying

3 Jun 2020 Thomas Wolf

03 June 2020
Thanks for the eloquent/critical article. I do not know if I agree that race is a construct per se, there are some genetic and trait differences among different groups of people, however our similarities exponentially outnumber the differences. Unfortunately the narcissism of small differences,tribalism and identity politics is the current zeitgeist.

Local Crypto: Scam alerts and tips

31 May 2020 Mind_Braille

02 June 2020
Thanks, Part two on the inside scoop is yet to come.

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Bitcoin is Not Finished as Some Are Saying

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