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The ShapeShift DAO's Cosmos Validator is Now Live and Creating Revenue

By ShapeShiftDAO | ShapeShift DAO | 6 Dec 2021

The DAO Just Made Revenue From Its Cosmos Validator!

The first payment to the ShapeShift DAO has been made and the Cosmos Validator is actively generating revenue for the DAO. This is absolutely a game changer, it’s an additional stream of income for the DAO as well as an opportunity to provide security to other decentralized communities through trusted validation services.


The first payment to the DAO was sent on November 30th, 2021 with a deposit of 23,023.212074 UST sent directly to the Gnosis Safe on the Ethereum blockchain - transaction details. In the first month, the Validator generated 1,185.554836 ATOMs from commission, more details here. 

Validating is set to become one of the most essential parts of the ShapeShift DAO Tokenomics Workstream. The economical benefits speak for themselves and the ShapeShift DAO could not be more excited to participate and be part of the ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services, built for a decentralized future. 

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ShapeShift DAO
ShapeShift DAO

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