ShapeShift DAO Weekly Ops Sprint [Video] 9/27/2021

ShapeShift DAO Weekly Ops Sprint [Video] 9/27/2021

By ShapeShiftDAO | ShapeShift DAO | 2 Oct 2021

ShapeShift is decentralizing from an LLC to DAO!

ShapeShift LLC is starting the process of dissolving into a organization functioning under DAO governance structure. 

Check out the ShapeShift DAO Weekly Ops Sprint that takes place live every Monday on the ShapeShift DAOs discord at 10:30am mtn (Denver) / 12:30pm est (New York)


Are you interested in learning more about ShapeShift? Do you think that you can contribute to the DAO as it continues to grow and flourish?


Learn more using the following official ShapeShift DAO Resources:

ShapeShift DAO Discord

ShapeShift DAO Forum

ShapeShift DAO Boardroom

ShapeShift DAO Snapshot Proposals

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ShapeShift DAO
ShapeShift DAO

Shapeshift has started to dissolve its corporate structure! The newly decentralized ShapeShift will now operate as a DAO - becoming a fully decentralized project/organization utilizing FOX Tokens in its governance process. Join ShapeShift in its new chapter; and check out everything the ShapeShift DAO has planned for its Foxy decentralized future.

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