ShapeShift DAO Weekly Governance Call [Video] 9/30/2021

ShapeShift DAO Weekly Governance Call [Video] 9/30/2021

By ShapeShiftDAO | ShapeShift DAO | 4 Oct 2021

ShapeShift DAO Weekly calls take place every Thursday!

ShapeShift DAO contributors, workstream leaders, and community members align to cover current integration proposals, workstream efforts both in progress and projected & so much more.

If you can't make it, that's alright! Each Weekly Governance Call is recorded.

Meeting Agenda:

New Forum/Ideation posts:
[SCP-23] Official ShapeShift DAO Merchandise Store
[SCP-27] Roadmap proposal through Dec 2021 

Forum posts without proposals attached:
Success Token Proposal Discussion 
One Side Liquidity Mining Proposal (Bancor) 
Integrate reward collection vs gas fee checks into the reward claiming program 

Forum/Ideation posts from last week:
[SCP-21] Proposal to integrate product-analytics tool Pendo 
[SCP-24] Official Ideation Thread - Engineering Budget Proposal
[SCP-26] Utilize G-UNI for future Uniswap v3
Proposal to integrate OnJuno for Onramps and Offramps and have the DAO earn revenue via its partner program
Proposal: $oneFOX Stablecoin, For $FOX Sake
Operate a Cosmos Validator on behalf of the ShapeShift DAO
[Official Ideation Thread] Incentivized Liquidity Mining Program for HoneySwap on xDAI
[Official Ideation Thread] Proposal for Integrating Yat into Shapeshift Wallet

Older Forum Ideation Posts:
Add support for new chain trading pairs [ADA, SOL, XLM,…] Ideation
Meta-Proposing a KeepKey Workstream
Partnership Proposal with Perpetual Protocol
Finalizing FOX Range Token Specifications

Proposals up for vote:
[SCP-22] Official ideation thread - Proposal: Assign cryptohmeg as Customer Support Workstream Leader 
[SCP -25] Launch Bonds for FOX-ETH liquidity

Join the ShapeShift DAO for our weekly community governance calls every Thursday at 3:00pm MTN (Denver) / 5:00pm (New York). The next call takes place this Thursday October 7th, 2021. See you there!



ShapeShift DAO Resources:

ShapeShift DAO Discord

ShapeShift DAO Forum

ShapeShift DAO Boardroom

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ShapeShift DAO
ShapeShift DAO

Shapeshift has started to dissolve its corporate structure! The newly decentralized ShapeShift will now operate as a DAO - becoming a fully decentralized project/organization utilizing FOX Tokens in its governance process. Join ShapeShift in its new chapter; and check out everything the ShapeShift DAO has planned for its Foxy decentralized future.

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