Nash Exchange: DEX which is possible Coinbase killer! | $100 000 Giveaway

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 11 Jun 2019

Nash DEX is a modern design, fast user-friendly environment known from centralized exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, and secured as decentralized exchanges. Nash Exchange is built in the NEO ecosystem. So you are still keeper of your private keys.


The biggest advantage of the Nash Exchange is staking

Just as Bibox and KuCoin, you can lock the native NEX tokens at the exchange. Then you receive up to 75% of their monthly trading fees for you locked NEX. More trades and higher volume, better for the dividends. So its great passive income!

In addition, Nash has huge goals. Nash wants to be the most important cryptocurrency exchange on the market. In next bull market, there can be so huge liquidity, which can occur really great dividends, if you lock up your NEX tokens.

Here are some examples

Here are two examples of staking. In both cases, you lock 100 NEX tokens for 24 months. At a current cost of $ 1.64, its worth $ 164.

Neutral variant

Turnover at Nash will be the same as on the KuCoin exchange, so about $ 1.2 billion a month. When you lock NEX for 2 years, you will receive $3.4 each month. This means 24.5% p.a.

Very optimistic variant

Turnover at Nash will match Binance's turnover, about $ 65 billion a month. When you lock NEX for 2 years, you will receive $185 each month. This means 1340% p.a.! You will have back your deposit in a month!

Finally, it may also look like the first year will be like our neutral variant, and then when a bull run comes, in within a year or two, you may receive $ 185 a month or even more, depends on the liquidity on Nash Exchange.



If it sounds crazy to you, can you imagine investing to Apple stocks in 1980s or to Amazon in beginning of Internet bubble? Only those who are not afraid to take a risk can be rewarded.

You can calculate your staking rewards here in this web calculator


Giveaway of $100,000 (in BTC) + 46,000 NEX


When you sign up via by June 17th 2019, when the exchange will start the official trading, you will activate your tickets by sending NEO or NEX cryptocurrencies of value at least $25, then you have a chance to win the prize. You don't risk anything.

You will increase your chance, if you share your invitation code with your friends. You will get 2 extra tickets for every person.

You can register now and decide later, if you want to participate the giveaway. But register till June 17th 2019.




Nash Exchange Referral Program summary step by step

1. Go to
2. Go Sign up
3. Enter invitation code o73bWY
4. Enter an e-mail and your name

That’s it, so simple Good luck with the giveaway then.

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