Cryptocurrency correction around the corner

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 19 Feb 2019

We have seen many green in last few days. Some cryptocurrencies like EOS, Litecoin, Aurora, Onthology jumped in price up to 30% and more!

Bitcoin itself moved the price almost up to 10%!

So what? Is it a bull run already? Or an alt season?

No way, its just a few days of optimism, which should be followed by correction.

And the reason why I don´t think its a bull run?

Bitcoin longs on Bitfinex made 27% drop in one day. This could be the signal, that the investors, who went long with Bitcoin are already satisfied with their profit and want to preserve their capital from the upcoming correction!




If you are an optimist and think, that from some point, like in November 2017, everything will just rise and will be in green colors, you might be mistaken. Very very soon.

Surely, take this prediction as an interesting idea of one guy on internet, commenting the crypto. Do your own research, before you will do any kind of investment action. But consider this as a possible resolution.

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