Crypto exchange Bcnex rewarding $25 per registration

Crypto exchange Bcnex rewarding $25 per registration

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 24 Jun 2019

A new Cryptocurrency Exchange Bcnex rewards for registration and few other steps.   Get XRP (Ripple) up to $ 25 for several tasks. It´s simple as that.     



You can register here

And here's the link to airdrop, after the registration process is finished  

For what actions you get free XRP? Check the list, for each action you get XRP worth $5:


plus extra $2 for each referral




If you want some extra XRP tokens, this is a good way for getting some. Especially in time, when XRP seems to be ready on the launch pad to reach new highs. And you never know, which exchange will be the next Binance, so its good to have a registration on most of them. And the best time to do so is when they do the Airdrop!  


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