Shadow Tips - Still Time to Get CRYPTO! We are about to witness the end of this era

By ShadowCrypto | Shadow News | 28 May 2022


Right now as the thing goes

The market can be like
oh a USB mouse is $3?
so the cleaning guy can buy a USB mouse after 20 minutes of cleaning?
then let's adjust, from now on its $300
and then there will be a lot of long faces...
I don't think stuff using space technology and $30 billion dollar manufacturing lines will still be 1-2$

We are about to witness the end of this era



household electronics, entertainment electronics, cars, bikes, at least one zero undervalued

People making our world roll... are not going to accept 2000$-ish monthly salaries, when a house costs $2m in the western world


they will either just galt themself and grow potatoes, or they will eventually say:

from now on, I don't wake up and put transistors on a PCB below monthly $20k


I just think crypto as a whole and even stocks have bottomed

we were never so close in our modern world to just witnessing the money as a whole becoming a joke

Crypto market crash explained: A potential opportunity? |

Not saying crypto is leaving, but a mass murder event in crypto as well as IRL, first needs to happen.


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