4 Advanced Tips to Win at Crypto Royale and Earn Crypto

By Chrysalis | Crypto Learn & Earn | 31 Jan 2022


Crypto Royale is an easy game to play online without a need for expensive hardware


Crypto Royale: Easy To Play, Hard to Win


Crypto Royale is one of the most popular ways to earn crypto because the setup and requirements are so easy. Its a browser game so there is no need to install any software. The graphics are simple, so you dont need expensive hardware. The game itself is simple to understand, if not to play. You literally need a computer (or mobile phone) with an internet connection and a Metamask wallet and you are good to go. 

While the game is easy to understand and play, it is relatively difficult to master, and you do need to master it to win and earn ROY Tokens. Being a novice player myself (Diamond and Platinum ranked), I would like to share some tips for fellow newcomers to help you win more of those sweet sweet ROY Tokens.  


Tip #1: Zone your Opponents Out


As a game in Crypto Royale progresses, the safe zone starts to grow smaller and the dark zones increase. Staying in the dark zone reduces health and forces a player to collect more boxes just to stay alive. Therefore being in the dark zone is usually considered a disadvantageous position for a player.

In lower levels, it is usually very effective to force another player into the dark rather than rushing in to try and kill them. This is because any misjudgment as the aggressor might leave you in the dark or expose you to other players whose colour can beat yours - this is especially true if you attack using your boost. 

A more viable strategy would be to get a colour advantage, then slowly force your opponents into the dark. Inexperienced players tend to panic in the dark and make mistakes either leading to their own deaths or allowing you to kill them off.  


As shown in the screenshot above, the purple player has gained a colour advantage and is now able to zone the 2 yellow players into the dark, putting himself in a great position. Yellow player "K" will likely be forced into a position where he will be in conflict with green player "G". While Yellow player "DF" will be in a position with no boxes available to him. Yellow player "DF" should not move downwards in the same direction as "K" as he is smaller and can be killed off by "K" - so he has to take the upward path and hope that the purple player does not chase him.

Do note that it is not necessary for you to have a colour advantage when forcing opponents into the darkness. If you and your opponent are similar colours but you are larger, you can still initiate to force them out into the dark. 


Tip #2: Adopting a Passive Approach


In lower ranks, players tend to be more aggressive and less strategic about picking their fights. This results in situations where the eager combatants expose themselves unnecessarily to other players. Passive players can take advantage of this and "chill" at an advantageous position (preferably with other boxes nearby for a quick colour switch) while the aggressive players kill themselves off. 


In the above example we see 3 players competing in the same space. To make things worse, they are competing near the dark zone, and 1 mistake might end the game for them. Green player "A" holds the slight advantage, as he tries to zone out "N" and "B". On the other hand, "N" and "B" are near boxes which might help to turn the tide in their favour. The situation is uncertain for all 3 players depending on their respective choices. 

On the other hand, Yellow Player "NH" must be watching this with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face. He is chilling and the dark zone is far from him, his opponents are not paying attention to him and he has 2 boxes near him to enable a quick colour change if he needs to. This puts him in a great position for this game. Purple Player "B" can attempt to boost over to attack "NH" but this will likely use up most of "B"'s health and NH can take the purple box to destroy "B".  

In games with many players, it is harder to take the passive approach and go unnoticed. My advice is to use boost sparingly to attract less attention. You might want to gang up on another disadvantaged player by helping another player kill him off. 


Tip #3: Remember Your Goal




If you are reading a Crypto Royale article on Publish0x, chances are that you are in this for the money. When playing the game, this should guide your actions. Luckily, you dont have to be the winner of a Crypto Royale game to earn ROY. Prizes are available for the 2nd and 3rd placed players as well. This is important to note in higher ranked games or against stronger opponents: 

You do not necessarily have to win, you just need to survive long enough to Earn


This is somewhat related to Tip #3. When you dont see the need to be the last man standing, you can shape your mentality more easily to take a passive approach. Ironically, this tends to lead to more wins. 


Tip #4: Know Your Colours


This is the tip that should come most naturally to you with experience. Understanding your colours would allow you to make decisions faster and that faster reaction time might just be the difference between life and death in the game. 

One of my favourite tricks to do is to stand near a box which is a weaker colour than mine (eg if you are yellow, stand next to green). Your opponent might be baited into attacking you (especially if the dark zone is closing in on him). When your opponent attacks you, you can do a quick colour switch and counter attack. 


Ending Thoughts

I hope these tips are useful and help you win lots of games! If you have more tips to share, please feel free to share them in the comments widget! Good luck and happy earning! 

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