Weekly Battle Challenge: GOBLIN SHAMAN

By sgbonus | sgbonus | 5 Nov 2021


Hey guys!

Let me share with you my battle against the Goblin Shaman.


Battle information

The battle mana cap was 24 with the "Equalizer" rules. I was up against with also a Fire splinter.


My Lineup
Summoner: Malric Inferno
Monsters: Exploding rats, Living Lava, Serpentine Spy, Kobold Miner and Fire Elemental.

Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Malric Inferno
Monsters: Cerberus, Goblin Shaman, Kobold Miner, Serpentine Spy, Fire Elemental and Fire Beetle.

goblin shaman battle.PNG

The Battle

Here's the link of the whole battle

Round 1

It started with both of our Fire elementals lashing out their powers accompanied by their blast damage. My Exploding rat went next and damaged the cerberus leaving 1 hp left, unfortunately, the Cerberus healed and killed my exploding rat. Then both of our Serpentine Spies attacked. His serpentine spy hit the armor of the living armor while my serpentine spy was able to kill his Cerberus). His Fire beetle was attacking my Fire elemental which was at the backline then it also got attacked by the Kobold Miner. My Kobold Miner was trying to kill the fire beetle at the back. To end the round my living lava was able to smash the Goblin Shaman, giving back all my monsters their 1 hp back.

goblin shaman.gif

Round 2

At the start of round 2,Our Fire elementals were still the ones who started the round attacking both of our tanks. My serpentine spy attacked the tank while his serpentine spy killed my fire elemental. The kobold miners attacked and my Living Lava finished off his Kobold Miner bringing making his Serpentine Spy his tank.

goblin shaman  2.gif

Round 3

His Fire elemental went first and continued doing its damage with the blast. Then my Serpentine spy killed his Fire beetle because of its opportunistic skill. and to end the round his serpentine spy and my Living lava traded blows for the next round.

goblin shaman 3.gif

Round 4 -9

His Fire elemental killed my living lava and then his serpentine spy went ahead and killed my serpentine spy. However, my kobold miner didn't miss and killed his serpentine spy. This move made the fire elemental the tank thus making it useless. My Kobold Miner was just missing and attacking thus making me win

goblin shaman 4.gif

Spoils of War

I got 12.65 DEC and my rating increased by 18.

Did your strategy work?
I was really thinking of what to put on that battle when I saw the equalizer rule. I decided to put the exploding rat o it would be able to deal damage to the tank and with the blast. Though I didn't expect it to get killed during the first round. I'm also glad that none of my monsters were missing during this match-up, that would have given him a huge advantage. It's just really funny how it ended wherein it glitched and it went straight to

Do you like the Goblin Shaman?

Honestly, I don't use him that often because I couldn't make a lineup using this shaman to get me wins in the bronze and silver 3 leagues. But I really love his skill because that -1 HP can be a huge factor when played rightly in the game. It's just difficult now to use them because whenever I use the Fire splinter it usually gets countered by a Mylor or an all Magic deck depending on the rules.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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