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TajimayaCharcoal Grill


To continue my post from yesterday, we ate at Tajimaya for our dinner. This restaurant is located at Military Cut Off. When we got there, there were barely any customers.



Before entering the place, we had to scan the QR code for contact tracing, check our temperature, and disinfect. They also have the policy of No Facemask no entry like most establishments.
When we got in, there were 3 tables being occupied. And it was dark inside, we actually wanted to stay by the window but the waitress said that we can't so they put us on that very first table. You could also see all the plastic barriers per table.
There were a lot of ings attached on the plastic barrier showing the different guidelines for dine-in.

Menu And Price

Me and my nephew opted to do the eat all you can instead of ordering single dishes. It's 639 Php or 12.63 USD per head. And they serve Beef, Pork, Chicken, Squid, Speial Sausage, Squid Roll, Salad, Sancyu, Mussels, Salmon Belly, Namuru and Rice.

It's kinda expensive compared to the other eat-all-you-can places.


At our first round, we ordered everything on the menu. On the photos below that was all of the food that they serve when you avail the eat-all-you-can. You can see the charcoal blazing at the bottom of the grill.



Here comes the fun part the grilling, sometimes you don't get to eat because you're busy watching the meat on the grill because once you screw up, you'll burn your food. And there are also chances that, if you don't cook it well enough, your food is still going to be raw, especially with the chicken slices. That's the advantage of the beef and pork, they are thinly sliced though there are chances of it burning. The charcoal may be giving the flavor but what sucked about it was that you can't control the heat.

The food was good, We really loved the beef and sausage that's what we were just ordering for the other rounds.

Though, I noticed something crappy about their service. Sometimes it takes a long time for them to give your order/ change the charcoal grill. We ate there at around 6 pm and usually, the eat-all-you-can has a max of 2 hours. I was actually surprised that the last wall was at 7 pm. We tried ordering more but they said that they can only serve 2 plates of the choice of meat.

Overall, I enjoyed eating and speaking to my nephew. I just hope that their customer service would become better.

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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