One of my Most Lucky Wins

By sgbonus | sgbonus | 28 Oct 2021

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Good day guys!

Let me share you guys how I was able to beat a team that consisted of card with level 3 and above using level 1 cards.

Battle information

The battle mana cap was 48 with the "Close range and Earthquake" rules. I was up against a Death Splinter.


My Lineup
Summoner: Tyrus Paladium
Monsters: Shieldbearer, Luminous Eagle, Sand Worm, Dhinn Renova, Evangelist and Gargoya Devil

Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Tyrus Paladium
Monsters: Shieldbearer, Cave Slug, Sand Worm, Divine Healer, Lone Boatman and Venari Crystalsmith

win gold gold gold.PNG

The Battle

Here's the link to the whole battle

Round 1

As soon as I saw my opponents cards, I already thought that I would lose because his card levels were higher than me. At the start of the round, both his ranged characters, the venari and lone boatman, started attacking my shieldbearer decreasing its armor. My Luminous Eagle attacked his Shield Bearer, decreasing the armor and the Djinn Pierced through the armor but the Divine Healer Healed it and it also damaged my shieldbearer. My Evangelist and Gargoya attacked destroying the shield and damaging it. Both our Shield bearers had an exchange but his damage was higher. Then his Cave slug attacked me. Both of our Sand Worms attacked leaving both of our shield bearers with 1 HP ending this round.

gold gif 1.gif

Round 2

At the start of round 2, the earthquake took effect killing both of our shieldbearers and removing the armor of most of our monsters. The Venaris attack missed my eagle then the lone boatman was sniping my Djinn. My Djinn attacked the Slug, but it was healed by the Divine healer though my with the combined attacks of my evangelist and gargoya Devil, they were able to kill the Slug before it was able to attack. Bringing my opponents Sand Worm down, which missed its attack on the eagle. To finish the round, my sand worm killed the venari.

gold gif 2.gif

Round 3

The Earthquake decreased the HP of most of our units. The Lone Boatman was still sniping my Djinn but lacked damage to kill it so it had 1 HP left. The Djinn killed the Sand Worm. The Divine Healer became the tank, damaged my eagle but succumb to the attacks of the evangelist and gargoya. To end the round my Sand Worm destroyed its armor.

GOLD GIF 3.gif

Round 4

The earthquake killed my Djinn and left my opponent's HP by one. The Lone Boatman used its repair on itself and attacked my eagle destroying the armor and my eagle hit back by destroying its armor and my Evangelist gave the Final Blow to give me the Victory.

gold gif 4.gif

Spoils of War

I got 9.21 DEC and my rating increased by 21.

Thoughts on this Battle
Usually, when I see the ruleset Earthquake, I would normally go to Brighton Bloom, but the dragon splinter was not available. So I took my chances and used the Life Splinter so all the damage would be tanked by my Shieldbearer first. I was able to put also some cards that had flying that played a big role because some of my opponent's attacks missed and the earthquake wouldn't damage me. I also put an Evangelist there, just in case my opponent has a flying monster because the snare ability would remove the flying ability and make the earthquake hit it.

At first, when I saw my opponent's cards, I was already scared to see, how this match would go because my opponent had higher-level cards than me. But as the match progressed I was also wondering why didn't my opponent put any flying monsters because that the earthquake hit him/her harder than me. But I'm really glad that I was able to get the win in this battle.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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