Crypto FROG's (BULL FROG's) Coin Reviews
Crypto FROG's (BULL FROG's) Coin Reviews

Crypto FROG's (BULL FROG's) Coin Reviews

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Ampleforth (AMPL): Why Are You Not Joining The Party Again?

3 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Crypto FROG

As you may already know, I've only been on Publish0x for a few days, but I've already made two blog posts about Ampleforth and have two videos about AMPL on my YouTube channel. It's very hard to succinctly sum up why Ampleforth is such a gamechanger...

The Biggest Scam Cryptocurrencies In History - Forget Millionaire Living. This is REKT Livin'

2 Jul 2020 4 minute read 10 comments Crypto FROG

Let’s talk about the biggest scam cryptocurrencies in history. This is the dark side. Come over to the dark side, my son. Just keep your Bitcoin where it is. Unfortunately the crypto game is still - even after all these years - the Wild Wild West of...

Binance's Aversion To Delisting Zombie, Dead or Downright Scamcoins Is Disgraceful. Clean up Your Act, CZ

1 Jul 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Crypto FROG

I wanted to talk about the ‘Walking Dead’ of cryptocurrency that continues to stink up our corner of the cyber-verse. It goes without saying that said coins amble around aimlessly on the smaller exchanges – Crex24 has the record for dead coins I beli...

Several Reasons To Be Uber-Bullish (Long-Term) On Reserve Rights - RSR/RSV

30 Jun 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Crypto FROG

Reserve Rights is the Donald Trump of cryptocurrency. People either love it or hate it. There isn't much middle ground. I'm firmly in the 'strongly bullish' camp on Reserve Rights over the mid to long-term (18-24 months).  There are a bunch of reason...