Several Reasons To Be Uber-Bullish (Long-Term) On Reserve Rights - RSR/RSV

Several Reasons To Be Uber-Bullish (Long-Term) On Reserve Rights - RSR/RSV

Reserve Rights is the Donald Trump of cryptocurrency. People either love it or hate it. There isn't much middle ground.

I'm firmly in the 'strongly bullish' camp on Reserve Rights over the mid to long-term (18-24 months). 

There are a bunch of reasons why. The tokens are being drained off exchanges at an extraordinary rate and into cold storage. This suggests whales are filling their bags, expecting fireworks.

The visibility of the project is also becoming much more pronounced on social media. You can barely scroll past 20 crypto-related tweets these days without seeing someone hailing the benefits of $RSR. Whether the team want it or not, they are being dragged out of stealth mode.

On top of that, the number of individual RSR addresses on Etherscan is growing at an exponential rate. A few months ago, there were a couple of thousand. Now it's above 7,000.

The team is big, technically strong, professional, very low-key (other cryptocurrency projects take note!), have backers with very deep pockets and they (seemingly) have a genuine desire to use the project for good. Namely: helping people in hyper inflationary countries protect their wealth.

The Reserve App is already live in Venezuela and recently went live in Argentina as well. Plans are in the works to roll it out in other countries in the region as well. Don't expect announcements to be teased, if anything they'll downplay it. The app is due to go live by the end of 2020, essentially worldwide.

It recently emerged Reserve Rights has agreed a 'loose' connection with Netflix.

Netflix will allow users in South America to use the Reserve App to pay their monthly Netflix subscriptions. Frankly, I believe there's more to this story. Despite Netflix seeing its customer numbers expand rapidly in South and Central America last year, they actually lost money as a result of the rapid depreciation of the respective local currencies against the greenback.

Finally, as yet, with the exception of Huobi Global, RSR isn't listed on ANY major exchanges.

Despite everything I've laid out here, RSR's market cap stands at $42 million. Outside the Top 100.

I'll let you decide. Although, as I mentioned at the outset, you've probably already made up your mind!

I cover these points and more in this video. If you enjoy the video, feel free to subscribe to my channel. Thanks!


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