Ampleforth (AMPL): Why Are You Not Joining The Party Again?

Ampleforth (AMPL): Why Are You Not Joining The Party Again?

As you may already know, I've only been on Publish0x for a few days, but I've already made two blog posts about Ampleforth and have two videos about AMPL on my YouTube channel.

It's very hard to succinctly sum up why Ampleforth is such a gamechanger and a literal money printing machine.

All while being a legit project. What they have designed is remarkable and pennies are starting to drop left and right.

Lucky for us, Mr AMPLEinstein here provides us with one of the most amazing posts I've seen yet on AMPL.

I hope anyone who was sitting on the fence about AMPL will read this and 'see the light' shall we say.

Props to AMPLEinstein. If you are reading this, I SALUTE YOU! (Although I think you'd be foolish to sell at a mere 100 million dollar marketcap! But who am I to question a genius ^^)




This is a blown-up image of the screenshot in AmplEinstein's second post.



Here is link to said thread:


I also have two videos on AMPL on my humble YouTube channel, please check them out and like, share and subscribe!

Part 1:

Part 2:

I'm on Twitter: @cryptofrog202

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