Nikaya Review: The 3 Grounds for Making Merits

As you know, one of the main teachings of the Buddha is the Causes and Effects principle, a so-called Karma (Pali: Kamma). Kamma is defined as below: “Intention, I tell you, is Kamma. Intending, one does Kamma by way of body, speech, and intellect [AN 6.63]. Any of us was born with the 6 sense bases such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind, which are the old Kamma, and whatever we are doing in life by the way body, speech and intellect are the new Kamma.  One should cultivate good Kamma to accumulate merits for a happy and peaceful life in present moment and future.

How to cultivate good Kamma, how to make merits? Today, Nikaya Review is pleased to introduce a discourse of the Gautama Buddha written in the Sutta "Grounds for Making Merits" (AN 8.36), which taught us the 3 bases of making merits. Giving, ethical conduct, and meditation are the 3 grounds for making merit. Depending on which extent, limited or superior, one has practiced these 3 bases of meritorious activity, he or she will be reborn in corresponding world after the breakup of the body after death. Please read and think carefully the Sutta "Grounds of Making Merits" for your own benefits. May you all be happy, be peaceful and be liberated! 


[1] AN 6.63. A Penetrative Discourse,

[2] AN 8.36. Grounds for Making Merit ,

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Self-reflection: Knowing myself
Self-reflection: Knowing myself

Being benefited from the comfort of the modern technologies, I would be more happy with it. However, day by day I feel there is more and more unbalance between my material life and my spiritual life, which should be recognized and adjusted. How I could bring the balance back to my daily life will be shared in this blog: my self reflection in knowing myself.

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