Illusionary youth.

From an early age, we are financially supported by our parents.
This is logical, given our inability as children to generate income, and especially undesirable, as we have a whole series of apprenticeships necessary for our social and intellectual growth, our education, etc., all of which are necessary for our construction.
however, there comes a time when we'll be living in a total illusion. This total illusion is the one we have when we become teenagers, and especially just after graduating from high school. our parents start paying for my housing, etc. etc. unfortunately, this money, which is not hard-earned in exchange for work on our part, is the beginning of our trap. Indeed, we have a natural tendency to depend on this money to live. 

As we go along, our status, which will be defined by the festival, cement the restaurants we eat in, the nightclubs we go to, the money we spend there and so on, will be the reality of the world. Not our own. Our own ability to generate income, but our parents' ability to finance us.
Of course, the most important thing in this situation is education, because parents will have to give us less and less money, and encourage us to work, for example, in parallel with our studies etc., in order to generate income and start being able to support ourselves.
However, the lifestyle we've achieved with our parents' money will remain the same. It doesn't matter how much you earn when you're young.
And that's where, unfortunately, I know that a whole section of young people who continue to study, continue to be totally or partially supported by their parents, will find themselves, unfortunately, unable to support themselves. De Lavalette , a great disillusionment, and throughout their youth, they'll continue to deny it, knowing that they won't be able to assume their lifestyle, but will continue to bring the same lifestyle they had before.

Unfortunately, most of them will end up in the workforce on a salary that won't allow them to maintain the lifestyle they created in their youth. If they haven't invested their money and worked hard to be able to afford their future lifestyles, they'll find themselves totally lost and now faced with the reality of the world.
If you, too, are a young man like me, realize as soon as possible what I've just described to you, plan your future, anticipate so that you don't have to suffer this drop in your standard of living, your way of life, and of course the depression that will follow with it.

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The Progredien

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Self improvement for young man

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