Ketogenic Diet A Brief Look

By robelneo | Self improvement advice | 1 Dec 2019

Today we will discuss diets that don't work and the next one I want to talk about is the ketone

diet or as it's known sometimes the ketogenic diet now ketones our substances are broken down from fat actually

it happens while you're asleep and it happens during fasting it's part of the adaptation to fasting these things are

soluble in your bloodstream so they can carry energy around your body unlike fats which are not soluble and

have to be carried on proteins so these ketones go up about 300 fold over the

first six weeks or so of starvation and they each even come out in your breath and create a fruity smell to your breath


However, they have little effect on appetite the original theory was that they would reduce hunger actually that

is not true now the other part of this is there are sticks that you can put in your urine which will turn blue when

your ketones are high now in order to keep your ketones high you have to eat

less than 100 grams of carbohydrate per day which means that these diets are

only 5% carbohydrate and about 75% fat with little amounts of protein maybe 10 to 20 percent so you're going to eat a

lot of bacon you're gonna eat a lot of the meat you're getting butter and you're

going to eat oils no effect on weight whatsoever there have been some interesting studies on epilepsy and

other brain disorders however for weight loss this diet doesn't work

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